Pretty in Pain Project, 2 of 16

skurl-starr0This is the second gallery inspired by the Ringside at Skull Island article from 10/18/17 titled “Pretty in Pain.”  The blogger posted 16 animated images of pretty pro wrestlers suffering intense abuse and left it at that.

But I can never leave well enough alone.  I want to celebrate these great matches, chew on them, dig in deep and talk about why I enjoy them (and why the Ringside blogger apparently enjoyed them too.)

The Pretty in Pain wrestler featured in today’s match is the “Product” David Starr.  I always say I need to blog about this stud more often, so now here’s my chance.  His opponent is the “Villain” Marty Skurll.


skurl-stare-2Skurll is a pleasure to watch as the dickhead Heel.  He knows his role perfectly, even writing “VILLAIN” in big white letters across the back of his trunks so there is no confusion over who will be doing most of the cheating.

He also sports an evil looking beard and a douchey ponytail up at the top of his head so we are sure to hate him.

skurl-starr2Some of you may be wondering why I’m so into David Starr, wanting to blog about him all the time.  After all, he isn’t very huge and muscular for a pro wrestler, and he’s hairier than average.

But something about the size and shape of Starr’s body attracts me.  I think they call it “well-proportioned.”  He’s just the right size everywhere which makes you want to hug him.  I also think he’s devilishly handsome and has nice eyes.  His colorful trunks are cool too.

The cockiest Baby-Faces always suffer the most.

How about a dick in the face?

As part of the “Pretty in Pain” series, our focus should be on the beating inflicted on Starr, the pretty guy.  But first, I can’t resist this animation of his trademark Cock-to-Face Pump.

The commentators describe it as a “Gonadal Thrust” and I always think it’s pretty sexy.  He will pay the price for this sexual imposition later…

skurl-starr-3skurl-starr3Skurll unleashes some rough-ass abuse on my poor David Starr, even bloodying his lip.  He starts with these cutting chops and moves on to some harrowing slams and spikes.

I suppose that Dick-to-the-Mouth Thrust that Starr inflicted at the beginning of the fight is meant to justify and foreshadow the cruel abuse he endures later.

Damn, he's not REALLY hurting Starr, is he??

Damn, he’s not REALLY hurting Starr, is he??

Here is an example of that unnecessary roughness by Skurll, just walloping Starr with this huge Clothesline off the ropes!  My boy flips ass-over-applecart and lands flat on his back staring up at the lights.  Starr sold the fuck out of that killer Arm Whammie, which is one reason I want to blog about him more.  Below is an image of the other reason.


Only the nastiest and most evil Heels gouge the eyes!

Only the nastiest and most evil Heels gouge the eyes!

Here is the animation that was posted to the Ringside blog that inspired today’s article.  We see David Starr trapped and helpless, his lip bloodied from an earlier assault.  The asshole Heel proceeds to rip at his ear and gouge his nails into Starr’s eyes.  Is anyone else feeling turned on?


Ouch, this looks more devastating than the Pile Driver!

Ouch, this looks more devastating than the Pile Driver!

Here is another big killer move that Skurll pulls off, leaving me breathless and hoping pro wrestling is, in fact, fake.  He hoists Starr upside down in Suplex position, but then drops him on his head, jamming his neck into the mat!  Fuck Skurll, don’t break him, you cruel dick!  We want to see much more of him in the future!


Tap out or pass out, bitch.

Tap out or pass out, bitch.

Like a dominant Heel from the golden age, Skurll puts his victim away with his patented finisher: a brutal Crossface Chicken-wing.  Now we know why he focused on punishing Starr’s neck, to soften him up for this inevitable Upper Spine Twister.  That is smart ring psychology that we don’t often see anymore.


skurl-starr12This is a rough, violent, but entertaining fight from Revolution Pro wrestling.  You can check it out on YouTube.

Both guys really worked hard for us.  Skurll was very convincing as the cruel, heartless Villain, and Starr sold his pain wonderfully.  I hope it was all fake — he is too pretty to suffer for real.

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2 Responses to Pretty in Pain Project, 2 of 16

  1. Jedda says:

    David Starr is definitely great to watch! No, he’s not shredded, but hi body is solid, and that @$$ is mesmerizing! Believe me, I’ve told him so in a tweet, and he actually replied, and I was over the moon!

  2. Joe says:

    Thanks for another great post! You always explain why I love what I love better than I can.