Pretty in Pain Project, 1 of 16

godderz1The awesome Ringside at Skull Island blog recently posted a brief article titled “Pretty in Pain.”  The blogger said a few words about how there is nothing prettier than a pretty man in pain, and then posted animations of 16 different pretty wrestlers suffering for us.  He let those 16 hot animations just speak for themselves.

But I don’t want to gloss over these amazing performances he curated for us.  It feels wrong to just swipe right and move on to the next one.  I want to savor all of these incredible matches and write about the merits of each specimen presented to us.  So today I am launching an ambitious project to write up each of the 16 hot matches from which Ringside generated an animation.  We will see how far I get before I move on to the next one…


"This is hot!"

“This is hot!”

Oh Jessie Godderz with that amazing physique.  How he uses that body to make us lust for him even if we don’t want to.  No wonder they call him “Mr. Pec-Tacular!”  No wonder the Ringside at Skull Island blogger chose this match to be first in his series of Pretty in Pain matches.

badbonesJessie’s opponent is this fierce looking biker from Germany named “Bad Bones.”  Oh how I dig bearded bald killers in jeans, especially when they’re harming a pretty wrestler like Jessie.

The commentator refers to him as “Big Bones” instead of “Bad Bones.”  I suppose he was thinking about the huge cock on this dominant thug.

godderz3As usual, Jessie suffers beautifully for us, showing off that spectacular physique and flexing his muscles a lot.

The biker focuses his assault on Jessie’s back (one of my favorite body parts to see the Heel target).  He whips poor Jessie into the corner buckles and hammers some big Forearm Smashes down onto that vulnerable spine.

Jessie places a hand on his lower back to let us know he may look invincible, but his backbone is in fact fragile.

If you can knock him out, you can own him.

If you can knock him out, you can own him.

The Ringside blogger had actually written about this match in more detail back on 3/18/17.  His article praised Jessie’s “beautiful arrogance” and he posted several great animations including this one of Jessie’s skull being spiked into the corner turnbuckle.  It’s a good read if you enjoy having a boner.


"Ahh rescue me! He is injuring my back!"

“Ahh rescue me! He is injuring my back!”

Check out what Jessie does here after being Irish-Whipped into the corner.  He sells the pain, rolling around on the mat.  First he twists to his right, showing us that powerful back and hard ass.  Then he turns over to give us a look at the pecs and abdomen.  And the bulge.  That is A+ suffering there!

godderz5The commentators spice up the action with some classic descriptions of Jessie’s molestation and Bad Bones’ savagery:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jessie Godderz handled like this.

Jessie Goddeerz just man-handled, just BRUTALIZED for the last several minutes!

Bad Bones just wants to beat up people.  He reminds me of a pitbull that’s been chained too long.” (I’d pay to see that.)

godderz8Here is how the Ringside blogger described Jessie (I agree with his every word but I can’t say it any better, so I will just quote him):

My heart skips a beat every time he steps into a ring.  The pecs, the biceps, and the thighs are obvious points in his favor. 

But for me it’s probably more a matter of his beautiful arrogance–that crooked toothy smile, the arch of his eyebrow (better than even The Rock’s, I now believe), the cut of his jawline.  Oh, and that ass when it bounces!


"Godderz is in trouble! Godderz is in DEEP trouble!"

“Godderz is in trouble! Godderz is in DEEP trouble!”

Here is the animation from the Pretty in Pain article that inspired me to want to write about this match, and the other 15 to come.

Jessie’s thick arm is locked between the biker’s thighs.  He cringes in pain as the dominant man bends him back.  THIS is why I love watching wrestling.


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  1. male destroyer says:

    i really pray or his destruction

  2. RayAtL says:

    Good luck on more of the forthcoming write-up on the ‘pretty in pain’ project. Your writing skills will be perfect for the job…