Sexily Beaten in July

MikeVerna1The He Is Out!” blog was spectacular in July.  It is spectacular every month if you’re obsessed with pro wrestling, but this July’s galleries really pressed my buttons.  I don’t think it was the summer weather alone that had me feeling so hot.

A few weeks ago, I recapped his July 12th article that featured muscle-hunk Mexx.  Here is some more of He Is Out‘s best work from the latter half of July, starting with the well-endowed Mike Verna in silky black trunks.

Not once but twice! Pure evil!

Not once but twice! Pure evil!

Well this is what you get if you strut around displaying your huge bulge.  Other guys feel jealous and want to emasculate you.  Here we see Verna’s butch opponent — Shawn Donavan — ruin him with a couple of Knee Busters.

You may be strong, but you're not THAT strong!

You may be strong, but you’re not THAT strong!

The July 15th article on He Is Out! featured Mike Verna in two separate matches.  In addition to his stiff beating from Shawn Donavan (see above), we also got to see Verna being wrecked by some 400 pound foreign beast in a Fat > Muscle match.

Oh poor Verna -- not so studly now.

Oh poor Verna — not so studly now.

This is why I am obsessed with “He Is Out!”  He has a knack for finding and capturing the best moments of destruction and humiliation, condensing the match into a few key scenes.  For example, check out Verna being utterly smashed under this monster’s big ass.


My poor Volador.

I dig how his long, pretty hair spills all over the floor around his head.

I’ve been lusting for Mexican luchador Volador for a long time, so I was happy to see He Is Out! provide some sexy Volador suffering in his 7/18/17 gallery.  I wrote about Volador’s unmasking in my 10/10/13 article and have loved this hunk ever since.

Mexican wrestlers love applying the Mexican Ceiling hold.

Mexican wrestlers love applying the Mexican Ceiling hold.

Here is Volador being stretched out and put on display.  He needs to thrust his hips up and arch his back — it looks sexier that way.

I enjoyed the brief close-up image of their white boots interlaced, shin on shin.  I got a thing for white boots.

Some fan just got a lapfull of hotness.

Some fan almost got a lapful of hotness.

Here is a fun WTF moment — the Heel whips our poor Volador at the ring barrier.  The agile stud then surprises us with a back-flip over the fence like Ric Flair used to do over the ropes.  THIS is why you pay extra for the front row seats!

ChrisTyler I don’t know much about this Chris Tyler, featured in the 7/21/12 article, but I know I like his bulgey trunks with the white accents pointing toward his package.

Tyler’s opponent in the purple pleather pants is a talented killer.  He owns the match, flying around the ring while blasting Tyler with Skull Kicks and Sharp Shooters and other brutal looking assaults.  It must feel degrading for Tyler that this leaner, smaller dude is able to fuck him up and own him so easily.  This sense of failure and humiliation is why I (and the He Is Out! blogger) get off on pro wrestling matches like this.

I'm not even sure how to describe what just happened to Tyler.

I’m not even sure how to describe what just happened to Tyler.

Here is a good example of Ashley Dunn’s fun, flippy offense.  He leaps up onto Tyler’s shoulders then like Backwards Sunset Flips the dude.  Immediately he clamps his thighs on Tyler’s neck and positions him for the next harmful maneuver.

Why are the little dudes always the most sadistic?

Why are the little dudes always the most sadistic?

I’m not sure what they call this move, but I’ve seen it before and I love it.  It’s sort of a rolling Pile-Driver, with the attacker using his forward momentum to really fuck up the victim’s neck on impact.  Of course Tyler is finished (and I’m hard) after that one.


Teaching Bennett to act less cocky and smirky.

Teaching Bennett to act less cocky and smirky.

Mike Bennett suffered a painful beating from one of the Brisoe Brothers in He Is Out’s July 27th article.  Bennett plays an arrogant Dickhead, so the point of the match was a lesson in humility, doled out by the less attractive Everyman.

Wrestling fans like me are just happy to watch the hotter opponent suffer, regardless of the situation or back-story.


Garza Junior suffers numerous stiff Skull-Kicks in this match.

The dude kicking Garza’s ass ain’t too bad to look at either.

I’ve been meaning to blog about Garza Junior for a while now and He Is Out! beat me to it in his 7/27/17 posting.  Fairly new to the Mexican wrestling scene, Garza Junior is causing quite a sensation with his skimpy little speedo trunks and fit physique.


How much more rough abuse can this stud endure?

How much more rough abuse can this stud endure?

You may recall me blogging about a Luchador named Hector Garza, a really attractive Latin heart-throb who loved to strip in the ring, peeling off his pants to reveal colorful little bikini wrestling trunks.  Garza Junior (his nephew?) has adopted that same gimmick.

He's a chip off the old block.

Junior is a chip off the old block.

One of my readers described Garza Senior as follows:  “Hector Garza always made me rock hard with his combination of dark Mexican skin, very handsome face, bright trunks that were too small for his juicy ass, and his overall tough guy demeanor and Latino bravado.

hammer1And He Is Out! wrapped up July with scenes of this buff viking — Hammerstone — taking a painful beating.

Usually we see this swole beast dominating his smaller opponents, but He Is Out! found this rare example of Hammerstone playing the vulnerable weakling.  What a turn-on!


When a big brute is made to look like a bitch

When a big brute is made to look like a bitch

Let me conclude by thanking He Is Out! for another amazing month of sexily beaten wrestlers.  We got to meet some new spank-bank talent like Chris Tyler and Garza Junior, plus re-visit some of our old Sure Things like Mike Bennett and Mike Verna.  Keep up the great work, Tetsuya!



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  1. Dr.Fever says:

    100% agree, I love to see Hammerstone dominating in the ring …but seeing the big stud suffering is even hotter!

  2. Aaron says:

    Wow, great highlights and this got me visiting He is Out! immediately!