Prison Rape

prison3At the “Battleground” Pay-Per-View on 7/23/17, Randy Orton took another beating from his new Boss and Master, the Maharajah, Jinder Mahal.  When is Randy going to accept his new role as Jinder’s inferior and agree to serve the Maharajah like the cute Bollywood Boys do??

You can go back and review my old galleries for more of Randy’s suffering at the hands of this Indian God — Randy beaten in front of his daddy on Father’s Day, triple-teamed by Jinder and his Bollywood Boys, and stripped of his belt by the Maharajah.


prison2prison1To make this latest torture scene more epic, they locked Randy in a bamboo cell (actually a cage-within-a-cage) with Jinder.  They called this torture chamber a “Punjabi Prison.”

To win the match, a wrestler must first fight his way out of the inner cage, then climb an outer fence (which has no doors) to reach the floor.


prison6Calling this a “Punjabi” Prison Match gives Jinder an apparent advantage.  This is an old rasslin’ tradition — to name a gimmick match after the Heel’s origins which makes our doomed Baby-Face seem even more out-matched.  If Jinder were from Sweden, they’d be having a Stockholm Syndrome Strap Match or something.

If Randy can barely climb the ropes, how will he ever climb two cages?

If Randy can barely climb the ropes, how will he ever climb two cages?

Early in the match, Jinder works Randy’s arm in some beautiful Arm-Bars.  We are told he is weakening the arm to prevent poor Randy from being able to climb out of the cage.  This is great Ring Psychology, with Randy playing along by appearing too dazed and delirious to drag his limp body up over the high cage walls.

prison5The inability to escape presents a sexual vibe between the two men, locked up alone together.  Each time a man tries to climb out, to escape this bondage, the other man drags him down, pulls him back in for more physical contact.

Weakening Randy’s arm to prevent escape signals Jinder’s desire to keep Randy in a relationship with him.

prison7prison8Here is an example of the queer imagery in an “Escape the Cage” wrestling match.  The inner cage has doors which either wrestler can open for 30 seconds.  When Jinder began to exit an open door, Randy pounced on him and locked him in a Sleeper Hold.  He doesn’t punch Jinder or grab his wrist — he  embraces the stud, holding him tightly in his arms.  Please don’t leave me!

Later Randy finds himself alone in the inner cage, cut off from Jinder who has left him.  Randy quickly, almost desperately climbs out to rejoin their love scene in the outer cage.

prison9prison10Like a violent inmate finding a broom handle, Jinder pulls a big stick out from under the ring and proceeds to whip Randy’s bare flesh with this phallic tool.  The savage Indian marks Randy’s body with his weapon as if he has branded his newest Boy Toy.

Randy plays the subservient prison punk, grabbing the cell bars and bending over to present his backside for more blows.  We see the bloody mark that Jinder has left on his shoulder.  Randy has been coerced into accepting a “kid” role for the rest of his time in prison.


3-on-1 abuse seems even more violent in a prison cell

3-on-1 abuse seems even more violent in a prison cell

Oh YES!  The Bollywood Boys emerge from under the ring wearing matching  shirts the same color as the Maharajah’s trunks.  Now Randy is locked in Punjabi Prison with three Indian assailants!   The henchmen whip our helpless hero into the Super-villain’s waiting Face Kick.

prison12prison13I wish they would’ve allowed these handsome little Bollywood Boys to work over Randy even longer than they did.  Soon after they attack him, Randy over-powers them, Suplexing both on the hard floor to stun them.

Note to WWE:  we dig three-on-one abuse, especially inside a cage.  You can never give us too much of that!

prison14Randy begins to climb to victory, but he is distracted by a new threat — the entrance of the Indian Giant, the Great Khali.  He was a Foreign Heel Beast active in the WWE from 2006 to 2014, and the inventor of this twisted Pujabi Prison gimmick.

Now Mahal has a third henchmen at his command in addition to his cute Bollywood Boys — and this one is a giant!  Randy clearly has no chance now, once the big man wraps his gigantic sausage fingers around our hero’s jugular.

Oh Randy -- this may be the best you've ever suffered.

Oh Randy — this may be the best you’ve ever suffered.

Clearly the WWE is trying to build a fan-base in India, using this national hero (and Bollywood actor himself) to spoil Randy’s victory.  We can look forward to much more in-ring dominance by our new Indian overlords as WWE works to convince 1.2 billion Indians to buy a WWE Network subscription.


Randy is helpless in the Giant's grasp.

Randy is helpless in the Giant’s grasp.

We are treated to a rather long and erotic choke-out scene with Randy’s face and arm going limp while Khali patiently continues the vise-like grip on his throat.

Climbing to victory, Jinder pauses a moment to observe Randy’s suffering, storing this epic moment in his Spank Bank.

prison16Once again, the Indian Maharajah has out-wrestled and out-smarted our American hero and once again, I’m finding myself turned on by this winning formula.  Randy just can’t beat this dominant Indian lord (and his many followers) no matter what he does.  Yet they keep sending Randy back in for more abuse, in ever more twisted torture scenes.  Keep it up WWE — you’re doing GREAT!

By the way, you can see some more great images from this hot match on the Inner Jobber blog — “Randy Friday — Battleground” article.


Let's savor one last look at Mahal's banging body.

Speaking of GREAT, let’s savor one last look at Mahal’s banging body.

The “Summer Slam” pay-per-view is coming up soon and hopefully they won’t forget to show these Indians beating up Randy some more.

Can we get a four-against-one Delhi Domination Match or something?



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2 Responses to Prison Rape

  1. Daaang. I’m amazed that Randy keeps going back in for more and more from the new champ. And I love seeing the smaller Bollywood Boys come around to humiliate him even further. That throttle scene is awesome, too.

    Excellent post, man. 🙂

  2. Sean Pford says:

    As if this match NEEDED your review to make it sexier, but you somehow managed it. 🙂

    (On a side note, if I was in India and the WWE were trying to win my patronage, I think I’d want maybe a good guy Indian? Like maybe one? Not Khali though, a hot one.)