Gallery 479
Japanese Figure 4

The Japanese wrestling fans love seeing their wrestlers in skimpy bikini trunks, and they love the Figure 4 Leglock.  Look at all the camera men snapping photos of this beefy stud cringing in pain from the Leglock.
The same beefy grappler in black gear applies his twisting side Figure 4 on some bald hunk.  He reclines on one elbow and waits for the submission.

Here is an old photo of Jack Brisco destrying Baba's leg in his patented Figure 4.  Maybe it was Brisco who first taught the Japs how to apply this complex hold.

The Japanese love to borrow from other cultures, and it didn't take long until they were slapping on our Figure 4 Leglock, even applying it on American victims.

This American wrestler in the blue tights traveled to Japan only to have his leg broken by some Jap stud in a black bikini.  I guess Japs aren't very welcoming to foreigners!

I like how this cruel bastard arches his hips off the mat to force the other dude's knee in the wrong direction.  Once again, the cameras are snapping furiously.  Later he ties that leg in the ropes so he can try to break it.  

The fans are laughing and again working those cameras into a frenzy as they watch the dude in blue gear screaming for mercy and crying in pain.  If you've ever seen their game shows, you know that Japs love watching people suffer.

This victim is struggling to escape the Figure 4, but he should simply submit before the older man decides to snap his leg.

When Nick Bockwinkle went to Japan, he tortured every Asian wrestler he could get in the ring, while the fans watched in disgust.  They hate watching a hairy chested blond American punish their heroes.

A smile forms on Bockwinkle's face as he watches his opponent begging for mercy in two different languages.  The fans are ready to riot, screaming for this cocky American to have some mercy on their warrior's leg.

The Japanese wrestler loses face and shames his ancestors, by suffering this humiliating defeat from a blond American pretty-boy.

This Matt Striker is one hot stud.  Here he is pumped up and ready to wrestle with sweat running down his muscular torso and soaking his trunks.

The massive tan muscle man easily over-powers his pale Japanese opponent.  Striker looks eager to punish this Jap pussy's leg.


Sure enough, Striker slaps on his patented Figure 4, with his boot tightly locked under the Jap dude's crotch, causing those black square-cuts to bulge.

Striker screams "Whooo!" in honor of Ric Flair as he rocks back and forth, thrusting his hips to torque the Jap's trapped leg.

Finally the Japanese wrestler can take no more of this knee-snapping pain.  He twists to reach the ropes so Striker will have to release the Figure 4.