Gallery 472
Andy Bailey and Kid Leopard vs.
Sailor Rob and Chris Carpenter

Once upon a time, Kid Leopard formed a Tag Team with an equally sadistic bully -- Andy Bailey. They're geared up for their first match wearing black leather coats, bulging bikinis, tall boots, and some cocky sneers on their arrogant faces.  Don't you just want to slap these bad boys to teach them some manners, especially that kneeling hood, Andy Bailey!?
They meet their opponents, two skinny cuties named Sailer Rob in the green briefs, and Chris Carpenter trying to look tough with his hands on his hips.  Of course, Bailey talks trash to humiliate these cute boys.

These two grapplers resemble two kids I grew up with: one was a beautiful mama's boy who everyone liked to pick on, and one was a rude low-life bully who was always in trouble.  I'll let you sort out who was who.

Bailey hoists the smaller dude into a Bearhug, driving his shoulder into the kid's belly.  Sailor Rob complains from his corner: "Hey, don't hurt the poor kid!"

Kid Leopard was getting bored so Andy carries his squeeze toy over near his partner, allowing Leopard to drive an elbow into this kid's neck.  Do these brutal bullies really need to cheat to win over the young cuties?

Kid Leopard tags in to apply a ball-busting Atomic Drop on poor Chris Carpenter.  The poor kid's blue briefs offer little protection for his nuts as they slam against Leopard's bent knee like billiard balls.  Andy Bailey watches the brutality with a cruel sneer on his face, so I think he likes what he sees.
Kid Leopard punishes his opponent with a rare Backbreaker/Surfboard over his knee.  This hold is painful enough, so why does he feel the need to dive in and bite the poor dude's nutsack as well?  This is cruel and unusual punishment, it should be illegal!  You can't bite an opponent's balls!!

Now this cruel bastard is getting out of control!  He combines a Single Leg Crab with a Ball Claw.  Why does this sadistic bastard need to combine every legit hold with some kind of painful, humiliating torture?

I like this Criss-Cross Boston Crab, where Leopard locks one of Carpenter's hairy legs over the other and hugs them bone-on-bone to bend them to the breaking point.  Maybe Kid Leopard has decided to wrestle fair and square now!
Nope!  Leopard tags in his partner and they both twist their helpless opponent's legs around, two-on-one style.  Of course, Leopard also feels the need to drive his leather wrestling boot into the victim's crotch.

These two bullies are simply going too far in hurting this kid! Chris Carpenter groans in pain as they both plant their shiny leather boots in his upper back and pull up his feet to bend him in the wrong direction.  I thought I saw a ref earlier, but where the hell is he when we need him!!??

Bailey tries to pull his smaller opponent away from making a tag, but Sailor Rob is able to reach his partner and tag in.  Now the bad boys will have fresh jobber meat to work on!

The ref must have woke up from his nap or something, because now he watches Bailey closely and warns him not to try any dirty tricks on Sailor Rob.
Bailey tags in Leopard, who ties up Rob's arms.  This exposes his mid-section to a sharp knee from Bailey.  These two cruel fuckers simply don't care about the rules, and they clearly love to hurt other guys!

Finally we see a smile on Bailey's face!  He is very happy to be part of this Double-Knee Backbreaker-Slam.  

They stretch out their victim across their knees like a patient on the operating table.  Leopard plays around with the man's balls while ripped Andy Bailey drives an elbow into his stretched gut.  Clearly these two get off on torture and humiliation.

The bullies allow their opponents to make a tag so they can work on cute Chris Carpenter some more.  Leopard racks the kid and once again grabs a handful of scrotum.

As Carpenter groans in agony, Bailey reaches in and punches him in the face.  Where did that ref go to now??  Did he have to use the restroom or something?!
As Leopard locks on the Single Leg Crab to snap the jobber's leg bone, the cuties make a tag behind his back.  Time for Sailor Rob to suffer some more.

Both cheaters grab an arm and press their boots in his face to stretch him out.  Check out the muscles straining in Rob's arms as he resists their torture.

Kid Leopard is done toying with these cute wimps, so he smothers Sailor Rob in a Face-to -Crotch Headscissor to finish him off.  Sailor slowly grows weak, his cries for mercy muffled by Kid Leopard's white thong.

Sailor Rob is out cold, so they strip off his sweaty underwear and jam them in his mouth to keep him quiet. That is soooo degrading!

Next they pin Carpenter for good measure.  Bailey locks on a Jack Knife Pin while Leopard attacks the exposed balls for about the 20th time.
These bullies still want to tangle and their competition is destroyed, so they attack the poor ref!  Bailey strips off his shirt while Kid Leopard plants a boot in his balls.  Leopard seems obsessed with low blows and crotch work!

Bailey holds their new victim while his partner strips off his black pants, exposing a pair of cute baby blue briefs.  This will give Kid Leopard easier access to the man's crotch! How degrading!

Once again, they practice their patented 2-on-1 Knee Breaker, dropping the ref across their thighs to snap his spine.
These two bad boys clearly have no respect for authority when they attack a ref like this!  He represents law and order, so the bad boys feel the need to fuck him up.  

Now they crack him the other way, hoisting him up and driving his belly into their knees. OK guys, this ref was just doing his job, so I think you've punished him enough already!

The thong boys each grab a leg and squat down on the poor ref's back for a devastating Double Crab.  Really, these bastards should be fined, suspended, and locked up for this brutal action, but they will probably get a bonus! This kind of violent destruction and torture seems to sell more video tapes!!

They finish off the poor ref by driving his spine into the mat with a Double Body Slam, both wrestlers hooking an arm between his thighs.
Well I hope these two cheaters are proud of themselves after the dirty tactics they used to win this match.  They plant their boots on the beaten man's back in a victory pose, and challenge the fans at home to come wrestle with them.