Gallery 397

The Trouble Shooters

The Trouble Shooters from Ohio Valley Wrestling -- Chris Masters and Brent Albright -- are making their way to the ring.

Their sacrifical lambs -- I mean opponents -- in matching white gear are ready to lock up.  Rob Begley is the cute, chubby dude on the left, while Mike Taylor is the stocky stud with a tattoo on his pec.

Damn, Chris Masters -- the "Trouble" in the Trouble Shooters tag team -- is massive and ripped!  His rock solid body is going to spell trouble for the 2 jobbers waiting in the ring for their beating.

Rob Begley raises his arms proudly as they announce his name.  These pretty boys better not get too cocky, or the Trouble Shooters are going to punish them even worse.

The bell sounds and beefy Rob Begley in the tight white trunks squares off with "Shooter" Brent Albright in the red speedo.
The jobbers quickly take control of Brent Albright, dragging him to their corner where they work together to torture his left arm.  This is amazing, no one expected these jobbers to have a chance against the better tag team!

Now Taylor is in the ring for the Boys In White, clamping a tight Side Headlock on Albright.  He forces The Shooter to bend over as he humiliates him by dragging him all around the ring.  I can't believe Albright is being schooled like this, he was an amateur wrestling champion!

Mike Taylor scoops up the Trouble Shooter by the crotch and tosses him across the ring for a hard Body Slam.  Brent Albright is in shock and agony, he can't believe the rough treatment and humiliation he is receiving from these jobbers.

Both wrestlers tag in their partners, and Chris Masters quickly takes control of Rob Begley.  Begley is whipped across the ring, then clotheslined in the face by the rock hard muscleman.
The Trouble Shooters both go to work on their opponent, trapping him in the corner as they pepper him with fists and elbows.  Now the punishment finally begins!
The lame ref is trying to stop this onslaught by counting, but the bad boys ignore him and continue the Beat Down.  Poor Begley covers his head and curls up in the fetal position, crying for his momma.

At last the ref has mercy on Begley and insists that one of these cruel Trouble Shooters must get out of the ring.  The damage is already done, this kid is in big trouble!

Albright holds his arm while Masters kicks him like a rented mule.  The jobber's soft belly offers no protection from those solid boots.

The beefy dude in the white briefs is raised into a high vertical Suplex, his body on display as it crashes down to the mat.  The Trouble Shooters are just showing off now, having fun with these jobbers in white!
Why can't the ref control these cheaters!?  Masters blatantly pins back the opponent's arms so Albright can punch him in the face and belly.  This kid can't take much more abuse.

At last, Brent Albright goes for his famous Crow Bar on the Mike Taylor's left arm.  He loves to apply this painful hold until the screaming victim's arm is dislocated from the shoulder joint.

Taylor quickly slaps the mat to signal his submission, and the bell rings.  But Albright maintains the pressure!

Brent Albright continues to twist back that arm long after the bell has sounded. This kid is in agony, I think Albright is trying to injure him!

Brent Albright is called "The Shooter" because even as an amateur wrestler, he gained a reputation for deliberately trying to hurt or injure his opponents.
At last Rob Begley rushes over to help his trapped partner.  He needs to push this pitbull off his friend before the arm is permanently damaged!

The Shooter releases the arm at last and rolls to safety.  Rob Begley stands between the cruel Shooter and his suffering partner to prevent further torture.

Albright's arm is raised in victory, even though he should be disqualified for deliberately hurting the helpless opponent.  He looks over at his suffering opponent with contempt, he clearly has no mercy.  What a sadistic meanie!

Begley grabs his own shoulder to explain to the ref that Albright, the vicious lunatic, has injured his partner's shoulder for no reason.

Poor Mike Taylor continues to massage his aching arm and shoulder, trying to shake off the punishment that The Shooter inflicted after the bell sounded.

These jobbers are outraged and angry, but there is nothing they can do against the stronger tag team.  All they can do is complain as the Trouble Shooters walk away with the victory.