Gallery 366
Tag Team Torture
Cobra Clutches

This Gallery features two hot Cobra Clutch scenes from BG East's Tag Team Torture series.  First we see Bulldog Barzini clamping the dreaded Cobra on Tony Cosenti, with both studs in white gear.
From BG East, Ricky Martinez and Tony Cosenti vs. Bulldog Barzini, Tag Team Torture 4

Bulldog is clearly a powerful stud, forcing Cosenti to bend backward, his spine arched as the Bulldog pours on the pressure.

Bulldog's neck clamp is too much for his opponent, who collapses to the mat, growing weaker from the lack of blood flow to his brain.

Barzini leans in to watch the expression of agony on his victim's face.

"I'm just toying with you, pretty boy!  You know I could put you away if I felt like it."   Barzini leans in, trash talking his opponent, until their faces are just inches apart.

GRRRR!!   That's it, Barzini pours on the pressure, flexing with all his strength to finish off his helpless victim.

Cosenti is out now, his face relaxed, his mouth hanging open.  Damn, this Bulldog Barzini is a pretty ruthless killer for such a cute looking dude!

Barzini lays his limp opponent gently onto the mat, like Sleeping Beauty.  He knows he is the master now, Cosenti is at his mercy.

The tan muscle god gives his biceps a few final flexes, to squeeze the last of the fight out of the young man sleeping on the mat.  OK Bulldog, let the kid go now.


You just can't top a tan, muscular stud in white trunks who knows how to apply deadly holds like the dreaded Cobra Clutch!

Next we examine a famous scene from Tag Team Torture 2, where both Mikey Vee and Mike Columbo put the Baker Brothers away with a matching pair of Cobra Clutches.

The muscular tan bodies of the blond brothers are on display, as the heels, Mike and Mikey, work on their necks to force them to fall asleep. The Baker Brothers look like swimmers, not wrestlers, with those ripped bodies in skimpy speedos.
 From BG East, Mike Columbo and Mikey Vee vs the Fabulous Baker Brothers, Tag Team Torture 2

The Baker Brothers struggle to escape the Cobra Clutches applied by these tough heels.  Check out Troy's ripped mid-section, flexing like chiseled stone as he resists the hold.
The blond boys are fading fast.  They watch each other sinking into a deep sleep, unable to rescue each other or themselves.

Troy yells to his brother: "Don't give in Brian!  Get back to your feet!"  Young Troy better worry about himself, as Mike Columbo ratchets on more pressure.

Brian's eyes are closed and his body is relaxing as Mikey Vee laughs at the poor kid. Mikey must think it's funny to torture another guy and force him to take a nap!

The relentless neck squeezing is too much for both young Baker Boys.  They sink to the mat as Mike and Mikey continue the Cobra Clutch pressure.

Mike Columbo sits behind young Troy, flexing and straining to finish the young man off.  I think Mike and Mikey are racing to see who can make their jobber drop off to sleep first.

Across the ring, Mikey pours on more pressure to Brian Baker's neck.  Mikey better hurry, because Brian is still on his knees, but young Troy is almost asleep already.

At last, Brian Baker goes limp in Mikey's Cobra Clutch, his head slumping as his body relaxes.  The struggling has stopped.

Both blond boys are out cold now, you can let go any time.  Who won the race, Mike or Mikey??  I think the fans watching at home are the winners in this case.