Gallery 350
Groin Claw


The most effective place to apply a Claw Hold is on the opponent's most vulnerable and sensitive area:  his crotch.  This muscular kid doesn't care if this hold is illegal, as he reaches in to grab the other dude's nutsack and give it a twist.

A one legged Boston Crab is painful enough already, but the brother adds a tight Ball Claw as well. The white wimp better start begging for mercy from his black master, or he's going to be singing Soprano from now on.

This poor kid is upside down with his legs tied in the ropes, which is called the "Tree of Woe" for good reason.  His opponent in the leopard trunks kneels on his testicles, smashing them against the dude's crotch!  OUCH!!

When the dude refuses to submit, the cruel attacker turns up the pressure, stepping on the side of his face while twisting his scrotum around like a radio dial.  Now this is really a "Tree of Woe."

When he saw his opponent in those lemon colored trunks, he decided to try squeezing some lemon juice.

Surprise!!   This guy plunges his hand into the back of his victim's bikini briefs, violating him by crushing his nuts bare-handed.  Judging from the shock on the victim's face, the dude on top must have some ice-cold hands.

This slender hunk must enjoy for his opponents to claw his groin area.  First, he tattooed an arrow pattern on his abs, pointing directly to the soft spot.  Second, he is laying flat on the mat with his arms behind his head, not even defending his manhood.

At first glance, you can't tell where the attacker's right hand is located.  But when you see the agony on the face of the ripped hunk, along with the extra large bulge at the bottom of his green bikini, you can pretty much figure it out.

These young grapplers seem to be getting more and more bold as far as clawing, twisting, and squeezing their opponent's balls.  Don't they know this is illegal, as well as humiliating and extremely painful for the poor victim??

I think the guy in red shorts grapped onto his opponent by mistake, trying to prevent the dude from escaping.  Once he grasped the massive size of that tool, he doesn't seem to want to release it.

From BG East, Dane Tarsen vs. Leo Lessard, Brit Bouts 2

In this underwear match, the rear grappler slaps on a Full Nelson.  He then converts it to a Half Nelson, leaving one hand free to play around with his opponent's balls.

As the attacker begins to fondle and squeeze, the victim doubles over, either in pain or pleasure.  His right arm is free, yet he isn't trying to stop the "attack."

This is rare:  a crotch claw applied in a regular pro match, right in front of all the fans.  That's a bold move by the kneeling stud with the necklace and bulging square cuts.

"OWWW!   Ahh!!   Please let me go!    OUCH, you dirty bastard, stop crushin my balls!   AAHHHHH!"

This guy laughs as he locks on a full nelson while his buddy slams a forearm into the poor victim's package.  He must think it's funny that this poor guy will be curled up in a ball for about a week after this brutal assault.

Now he's laughing even harder as the perverted bastard in the mask reaches up between the helpless man's thighs to claw his crotch.  Oh yeah, you are really tough dude.  It's easy to dominate and humiliate another man when you have a buddy there to help you.
The ball busting continues as the laughing man applies a Figure Four Headscissor while his masked pal continues to squeeze those nuts like he's packing a snow ball.  The victim is starting to pass out from either the scissor pressure, or the intense pain in his crotch.

Now the cruel bastard finishes him off with a ball crushing knee to the groin while his pal holds back the poor dude's arms.  The victim is completely busted and broken thanks to this 2 against 1 testicle abuse.