Gallery 348
Face Claw


It doesn't take any skill to simply grip the flesh on your opponent's face and twist, yank, and stretch his facial muscles.  This weird pervert with the long hair and eye make-up seems to be enjoying what he is doing to young Davey Boy Smith's handsome face!

I'd know that hairy chest and belly anywhere.  That's Arn Anderson taking time out to contort this jobber's face into a whole new expression of agony.

For some reason, Bruno doesn't want to be bearhugged by this massive grappler in the skimpy trunks.  He escapes by grabbing a fistful of the dude's cheek.

I'm not sure if this big beefy Teddy Bear is trying to rip off the other man's mask, or tear his face open so he bleeds.

Giant Baba is clearly in the ropes, yet the crazy Sheik is pulling his hair, gouging his lower jaw, and planning to bite him as well.  How many rules can one man break at once??  Luckily the ref prevented the brutal biting to the helpless man's face!

Now the Sheik is blatantly trying to blind Pedro Morales, who is also clearly on the ropes!  Can't this bloodthirsty animal fight fair for once??

In a different match, the Sheik is completely out of control with his nasty clawing.  He's torn this poor guy's forehead open, blood now gushing down both their faces, yet he continues to work his sharp nails into the poor dude's scalp!

This big body builder should be easily whipping the gang member's fat ass.  Instead, the thug uses dirty tactics like the dreaded Fish Hook to keep the stronger man suffering at his mercy.

At least the muscle man can now insert an entire Peanut Butter sandwich into his mouth without folding or bending it.

The veteran mounts the young rookie like he's riding a horse.  Then he tries to take the kid's nose home as a souvenir.

Another handsome young stud scrambles to the ropes for safety, but that doesn't stop his evil opponent from trying to destroy his good looks by raking those sharp claws across his cheek, nose, and eyes.

The big bully smiles as he grips the smaller kid's face like he's cradling a football, and stretches his jaw down while gouging his eyes. This is not a legal wrestling hold, this is just plain sadistic brutality.

I believe this cute young blond boy is Ricky Nelson, being forced to smile wide by some vicious heel.  The evil opponent looks ready to take a bite out of cute Ricky's face.

The Great Wojo drops to his knee in agony, as Dick The Bruiser forces his mouth wider than it's ever been opened before.  This ain't the Olympics, Wojo, so you better quit wearing the singlet and you better start fighting for your life.

I always wondered why Classic Freddie Blassie was so rough looking.  Now we see that Dick the Bruiser twisted his face around into a "grotesque mask." That explains it.

Bryan Walsh, in the tight white trunks, was known for wrestling in sexy BG East videos, but did you know he also wrestled in quite a few pro matches on TV?  Here he suffers on the ropes as some giant brute re-arranges his face.

No wonder Bryan decided to stick to the fun, easy BG East matches, after this big ugly animal dug his fingers into Bryan's face.  There is far less competition, and far more groping and grinding, in BG East.

Check out these cheaters!  The dude in the shirt holds back their opponent's arms so his partner in the shiny gold tights can rip apart the poor dude's face.

Who is doing what to who in this wild picture from Yester-year?   I see more clawing, scratching, hair-pulling, and bleeding than I would at a zoo at feeding time!

This brutal punk rips into the long haired opponent's face as the victim's partner watches from across the ring.  I like their matching silver pants, but too bad they are getting whipped in this match.

What is wrong with these wrestlers in the Ring of Honor promotion?  Don't they know it's not cool to beat a man by gouging into his face??  This is how Bitches fight!

Are these the same two wrestlers, now locked in a Camel Clutch Claw situation?  It's hard to see who the victim is, now that his face is being stretched to the back side of his bald head.

Crazy sadistic Steve Corino is raking his nails across the face of some opponent in a checkered skirt.  Corino is like a wild dog! Most of his matches end in rivers of blood flowing on his body and his opponent's.

Now this is sick!  What is wrong with this lunatic Corino?  He is blatantly scratching his finger nails into this jobber' forehead.  Blood runs down the poor guy's face and into his mouth, but Corino continues his illegal assault.