Gallery 153 -
One Hand
Shoulder Claw

This hairy chested veteran digs into the sensitive nerves in the jobber's neck.  The rookie is clearly in agony as he cringes and screams from the pain.
The fun thing about the shoulder claw is that it paralyzes the victim, making his arms numb and weak, so all he can do is sit there and beg for mercy, enduring the torture with no hope of escape.

Check out this powerful blond slab of beef tearing into his opponent's neck muscles to put him to sleep.  They just don't make wrestlers like this any more.

The Great Kabuki was a wild savage, and he loved to dig his nails into the flesh of his prey.  He knew dozens of disabling nerve holds and claws.  He is controlling this beefy guy like a puppet on a string.

This is not the clearest picture in the world, but I like the sadistic grin on Maivia's face.  The caption says Garea "howls in pain," as if he is some animal caught in a trap.

No jobber suffers better than Marcus Bagwell back in his rookie days.  Here the pretty boy is cringing in agony, his handsome face contorted by the pain of the opponent's fingers burrowing into those huge shoulder muscles.

This poor guy looks shocked by the pain as the opponent's fingers probe the nerves in his shoulder. It almost looks like he is being electrocuted!  His right arm is clearly paralyzed, how can he fight back??

These sadistic blonds are keeping the opponent trapped in their corner.  One Valiant Brother applies a painful neck claw while the other watches for his chance to kick the poor guy.  Come on ref, he's in the ropes!  Get him out of the bad guys' corner!!
Yokozuna uses some mysterious Oriental Claw to disable Razor Ramon's hairy body.  What an insult for the macho man, to be destroyed by just a few of the other wrestler's fingers.
As Yokozuna digs in with both hands to give Razor a deep double massage, the hunk opens his mouth to scream for mercy.

This ruthless Samoan sinks his claws into poor Steve Cox's shoulder.  The pretty boy can't move his right arm.  Come on ref, why is that savage allowed to do this to the poor white boy?
Blood is streaming down the Samoan's face as he continues to rip into the young man's flesh.  I think the smell and taste of blood is getting this beast excited, making his claw even more ruthless.
Poor Steve Cox!  He is really feeling the effects of this terrible nerve claw.  How much torture can he endure, as we can plainly see the Samoan working his fingers deep into those sensitive nerves?

The Z-Man's powerful body is rendered helpless by this dude's shoulder claw.  Zenk's right arm is immobolized.  Get up Tommy!  Don't let him humiliate you like this!