Gallery 150 -
Camel Clutch

Check out this hottie, screaming for mercy as his arms are pinned behind him in a dreaded Double Chicken Wing Camel Clutch.
In this oil match, the stud in control grips the shoulders of the long haired pretty boy, and yanks his spine up in the wrong direction. Crude but effective way to apply the Camel.

This lean lad is stretched out and in agony from the stronger dude's Nelson Camel.  I don't think there is any escape from THAT hold!
Here is a barefoot punisher from the good old days, trying to snap his victim's back in two with the Nelson Camel hold. That's GOTTA hurt!

This beefy victim is suffering in a Criss Cross Camel Clutch.  He's being choked or sleepered with his own arms by the tan muscle man in red gear.  They both howl like rabid dogs.
The dude in white pants uses his boy toy's own arms to choke him out with a Criss Cross Camel.  This hold is also called the "Japanese Strong Hold," but maybe it should be called the "Japanese Strangle Hold."

Mike Columbo patiently waits for the stud locked in the Japanese Strong Hold to submit or go to sleep.

"Give it up, pretty boy!  You will never escape from this one!"

From BG East, Mike Columbo vs. Ramon DaCosta, Demolition 3

The dude in long pants grips his victims's neck between his forearms.  That's a pretty cocky way to apply a Camel Clutch!
Wow, here is a great way to hurt a guy.  With the dude's arm entangled over his thigh, he grips the chin and cranks the dude's head back.  This is just vicious!

Extreme suffering in this dramatic pic.  The helpless victim can't endure the agony of the terrible Leglock Camel as his ruthless opponent increases the pressure, bending him into a "U" shape.
Whoa, awesome physiques on these hunks!  The victim slid his knees under himself, but he is still in agony from the more powerful stud's painful standing Camel Clutch.

This ruthless tag team dragged both their opponents into the ring and slapped on matching Camels, forcing the jobbers to watch each other suffer and beg for mercy.
These bad boys Camel Clutch both of their opponents in white gear face to face.  Then, with handfuls of jobber hair, they force the punks to kiss each other, rubbing their faces together.  This is totally degrading, why is the ref allowing this unnecessary humiliation??
From BG East, Scott Rogers & Matt Carlton vs Bruiser Bronson & Randy Roberts, Private Bouts 42 - 45