Gallery 147 -
Camel Clutch
(Original Sheik)

The original Sheik perfected the one arm Camel, which adds a twist to the victim's spine.  Here he is punishing some stud's back with his Camel Clutch, ignoring the blood gushing down his face and into his eyes.
The dude with the afro is clearly in pain, as the vicious Sheik grits his teeth and cranks on tremendous pressure.  The Sheik likes to punish guys without mercy!
The ref is telling the Sheik to let go of the poor dude's chin before he hurts him.  He has no intention of releasing this hold any time soon.  He looks at the ref like he's crazy.

The bell sounds as the cruel Sheik destroys yet another all American boy with his painful Camel Clutch.
The ref rushes over to order the Sheik to release the hold before he injures this guy's spine!

The ruthless Sheik ignores the ref and continues to bend this jobber's back bone in the wrong direction.  The bell rings over and over as the fans begin to scream.  The Sheik is about the most vicious wrestler of all time!
The ref pleads with the heartless Sheik to have mercy on the poor kid, but he just stares at the ref with a weird grimace on his face and continues to crank that spine.  What is wrong with this freak?

The Sheik takes a seat on this beefy dude's back. He calmly locks his fingers over the man's chin and twists him sideways. Check out the sharp curled toes on the boots he wore.
The big guy can't handle the pain, so he groans out a submission.  Can no one survive the horrible pain of the Camel Clutch?  The Sheik is unbeatable with this hold!  The ref slaps the Sheik and tells him to break the Camel.

Oh no, not again!  The Sheik maintains the pressure as the victim moans in agony and screams for mercy, and the ref begs and pleads with the evil Sheik to not hurt the poor guy.  Time for some old school torture!
This is disgusting, the Sheik has no mercy!  How many guys is he going to injure with this back-breaking Camel Clutch??  You are supposed to let go when he submits, you cheater!

This long-haired kid wastes no time in screaming "I give up", once the Sheik slaps on that dreaded one-arm Camel Clutch. Who thinks this freak is going to let go of the Camel Clutch right away??
Yet again, the ref is unable to convince the Sheik to release this hold long after the bell!  The Sheik must really enjoy torturing this kid, so he maintains the Camel Clutch as long as possible.
The ruthless beast makes some wild faces, as if he's in a trance or state of orgasm or something.  Really, he just gets off on torturing young hunks like this, so he keeps the pressure on and pretends not to hear the bell or the ref.
The ref has to pry this crazy bastard off his helpless young opponent!  Something really needs to be done about this cheater, he should not be allowed to punish and injure everyone with this devastating hold!