Gallery 106 -
Gut Punch
(2 against 1)

The bearded blond in tights told his partner to tie up the jobber's arms so he could dominate the pretty boy with some free shots to the belly.  He takes his time and measures the trapped victim.

The wrestler with the pony tail feels those rock solid abs with one hand, while preparing to gutpunch him with the other. His cocky partner laughs as he chokes and hammer locks this poor hunk.  This is so unfair, what is wrong with these bullies?!

Check out the mutton chops on these classic brawlers!  The husky bad guy uses his belly to force the rookie into their corner, where his sadistic partner is waiting to help punish the skinny jobber.
As the bad dude outside the ring grabs a handful of hair, the brawny heel busts the poor kid's gut with a quick fist.  Gotta love that ruthless 1970's pro wrestling!

Whoa, these mean studs are destroying Troy Baker's shredded body.  They take turns wrapping up the pretty boy's arms so the other cheater can abuse him with fists and boots to that hard, washboard stomach.
From BG East, Mike Columbo and Mikey Vee vs. The Baker Brothers, Tag Team Torture 2

Is Kid Leopard setting up a gut punch on this sexy young boy toy, or is he sneaking a peek in the dude's shorts?  The poor guy is helpless to stop the cheater from violating him however he wants.
The bullies trade places.  Kid Leopard laughs as his partner also slips his fingers into the beaten stud's trunks to humiliate him. Are they punishing this stud just for looking so ripped and sexy.
From BG East, Kid Leopard and Jarrett Cole vs. Ricky Martinez, Jobberpaloozer 2

Come on, what is going on here?? The cocky heel in satin tights slams repeated fists to the dude in red underwear's hairy stomach while the bearded bully illegally chokes him from outside the ring.
This poor kid can't breath! His sexy body is stretched out and exposed, while they continue to pound the air out of him. In sixth grade, I remember seeing two bullies doing this to some younger kid on the playground.
It's payback time when the pretty boys catch the bearded bad guy in the other corner.  The man outside the ring grabs his trunks to yank that soft belly closer to the ropes for some sweet revenge.
OOOF!  He leans over the top rope to belly punch that big fat gut.  The ref has vanished, he is allowing these shirtless studs to take out their revenge on the bully in red.

Two savage Mohawk Indians torture the suffering cowboy.  One brutally pounds his belly, while the other tomahawk chops his neck.  The screaming fans demand that these bloodthirsty savages be punished or controlled.

As one Love Brother chokes the jobber on the ropes, the other distracts the ref.  Then the shirtless Love Brother yanks back the victim's hair and whispers trash talk in his ear, while the other pounds his abs.

This 2-on-1 gut torture is getting out of hand!  The stud in pink is tied in the corner and hugged by the muscle man in the bandana.  Meanwhile, the pony tail hunk slams jackhammer fists up into the guy's stomach. 

What kind of sick punishment is going on here?  Two thugs have blindfolded poor Steve Sterling, and they are working him over in the center of the ring!  The bearded daddy holds his powerful arms back, so the lean young stud can weaken his stomach with some hard fists.
They remove his blindfold (and their pants). Sterling's chiseled abs are just begging to be punched, and the young punk can't resist the urge.
The double team humiliation continues. The bullies have ripped open Sterling's shirt, exposing his washboard physique.  They bend him back over the ropes.
The bearded hunk again ties up Sterling's arms so the young punk can get his jollies by attacking that hard midsection.  How much gut abuse can the suffering muscle god withstand??