Gallery 105 -
Gut Punch 

Two hairy chested brutes have taken the action outside the ring.  Bruno traps his hunky opponent against the ring apron and knocks the wind out of him with some fists to his exposed belly.

The ripped, muscular brother flexes his rock solid abs to resist the white dude's attacks.  The white hunk is trying to break down that hard wall of muscle with repeated fist torture to the washboard abs. 

The chubby blond looks down at his big belly as his fierce opponent slams fists into that big target.  He can't breathe after repeated punches to his soft jelly belly!

Poor Brad can't defend himself because his arms are tied in the ring ropes! Can our hero escape this awful torture? Will the other stud have any mercy on him? Will Brad lose his lunch if this punishment continues?
From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Joe Mazetti, Hunkbash 6

Evan Karagias laughs as he flexes his chiseled chest, shoulders, and biceps, and drills his fist like a jackhammer into the other man's bread basket. 

This muscle man is whipped into the corner buckles.  He can't believe the agony he is feeling as the heel in blue tights attacks his stomach, trying to soften up those powerful ab muscles.

Talk about being trapped in the corner, this brual heel hung his opponent upside down like a slab of beef and uses the poor guy as a punching bag!  All the victim can do is yell "OOOFF!" when those fists connect with his exposed gut.

These lean hunks almost look like twins.  They decided to strip down to their white briefs and have a fist fight. The camera catches them in a sexy pose with one guy's fist connecting with the other guy's gut.
Two more hunks are fighting bare chested as one buries his fist into the other's stomach.  Hey wait a minute, I think these pictures are posed, just to excite guys who like to see gut punching!!
Another young, bare chested stud appears to be penetrating his fist in his hot victim's belly.  Why do they set up these posed pictures that show merciless belly punching??  Do some guys get off on these brutal punching scenes or what?

This pic is too small, but I liked the hot pro style gear on these two studs.

Back to the pro ring where a long haired brawler tightens his ab muscles, making them look like a brick wall.  I think the kneeling attacker just hurt his hand on that solid stomach.

Pretty boys who strut around with ripped washboard abs are just inviting other guys to punch their hard stomachs.  This bully sure couldn't resist throwing some fists into that rippling 6 pack, to test his power.

This cocky hunk is so confident of the strength in his abdominal wall, he allows a fan to punch him square in the gut, while he flexes his hard abs to resist the attack. "Don't break your hand dude!"