Gallery 35 - 
Short Arm Scissor

The short arm scissor is a hot arm lock from the classic days of pro wrestling.  Back then, the grapplers would trap each other in all kinds of complex painful moves. This built heel looks calm and relaxed, barely applying any pressure with his legs, while his victim is obviously in agony from this sexy hold.

To apply this hold, bend the victim's arm, locking your hand inside his elbow.  Then wrap your leg over his forearm, catching it behind your knee.  Hook your foot under your opposite knee for leverage, and crank on the pressure until he screams his submission.

This hold offers great leverage, matching the strength of both your legs against his one bent arm. By grinding or flexing your leg muscles, you can make him feel intense pain.  I guess it is a hot looking hold because the victim's arm is trapped tightly in the other man's crotch.

"Come on Pretty Boy!  Give it up, or I'll snap that arm like a piece of kindling!"

In this classic AWA battle, Nick Bockwinkle has Curt Hennig down on the mat in this hot hold, and he is showing no sign of letting the young buck go. These two blond hunks always used the sexiest wrestling holds on eachother.
Look at Bockwinkle's powerful leg, flexing and straining as he pours on the pressure.  Young Curt tries to get to his feet to relieve some of the agony. You can tell by the expression of suffering on his handsome face that this hold is pure torture.
Curt bravely refuses to submit. He grabs the older man's boot, steps on his ankle, and spreads his legs, freeing his arm from Bockwinkle's crotch.  Meanwhile, Bockwinkle looks reluctant to let go of the young stud's wrist.

This poor suffering loser looks about ready to cry from the torture of having his elbow bent to the limit by the opponent's strong leg.  The scowling opponent pours on the pressure relentlessly, not caring if he snaps his victim's arm.
In a very similar pose, the stud in the shiny silver boots looks calm and relaxed, like he's just laying on his couch watching TV or something.  His manly beefy victim is at his mercy, forced to patiently endure the pain like a bear in a trap until the stud feels like releasing the hold.

This strong dude is getting frustrated, unable to free his arm from between his opponent's crushing legs.  He somehow hoisted the opponent up in the air, but the relentless bastard is still holding on with those strong legs!  Now fall back and slam this guy on his back, hopefully that will break the hold before his elbow snaps.

I'm guessing that knot of arms and legs is a short arm scissor. The victim struggled to his feet to get free, but his opponent is showing no signs of releasing the hold.

This guy flexes his muscular calf and grabs his ankle for extra pressure.  The victim arches up and stands on his toes to lessen the agony of the hold.

Another great image with a painful looking variation.  The brawler kneels over his suffering victim and locks on the short arm scissor behind the guy's back. 

This is just brutal! He is squatting on the man's tricep, pressing down on that trapped arm with all his weight!  In the background, some dude with his hands in his pockets looks on.