Gallery 30 - 
Iron Claw
Kerry vs. Lawler

Kerry von Erich wrestled Jerry "The King" Lawler in some very intense championship matches. Here we see Kerry winning the AWA strap by forcing "The King" to submit to the dreaded von Erich Iron Claw.

Check out the expression of agony on Lawler's face as he feels his skull being crushed in Kerry's powerful vice grip.  Poor Lawler looks about ready to cry!
With his biceps pumped and flexing, Kerry is prepared to squeeze those temples all day, or until Lawler's skull shatters like an eggshell.  The King is out cold, Kerry is the new champ!

Weeks later, Kerry defended his belt at Superclash in a fierce bloodbath. Near the end of this rough and grueling match, he slapped another Iron Claw on Lawler and took the suffering king down to the mat once again.

Kerry pours on the pressure on Lawler's skull, Lawler growing woozy from the pain.  Kerry is gushing blood from a forehead wound  inflicted earlier in the match.
You almost feel sorry for Lawler, helpless and suffering in this agonizing hold. This was a brutal match, with both wrestlers scrapping like wild animals, both ending up covered in each other's blood.
In this close-up, we see blood on Kerry's claw hand, and blood trickling down the King's cheek.  I'm not sure whose blood is whose.  The ref should stop this horrible massacre!

The skull crushing torture continues as the ref checks to see if Lawler is still awake. Kerry's face is now a disgusting crimson mask as the blood keeps pouring out of his deep facial wound. But the brave young hero ignores his injury and keeps that claw locked on tight.

The ref is looking closely at Kerry's deep facial wound, concerned that the handsome young wrestler may be seriously injured. Lawler is desperately trying to claw into Kerry's face, to open the wound even wider! 

The referee is very worried about Kerry, pulling his hair aside to examine the wound. You can see some blood on the ref's shirt, he must've gotten splattered by the wrestlers during this wild brawl.  The fans are now going crazy, screaming at the ref not to disqualify their muscular hero.

He has seen enough of this carnage.  He is splattered in blood, both wrestlers are busted open, and he thinks Kerry's health is in danger, so he stops the match.  The crowd goes wild and nearly riots when they hear the bell sounding!  Lawler is rescued from the crushing hold.
Von Erich is pissed off.  He can't believe his ears when the ref orders him to release the Iron Claw.  Poor Kerry went from nearly winning the match to suddenly being disqualified due to injury. Lawler was almost out cold, and was literally saved by the bell!