Gallery 27 - 
Groin Claw
Frontal Assault

I can't believe the hottie in the red pants is blatantly squeezing the balls of the wrestler in pink trunks, right in front of the fans!

Another pro wrestler reaches up and blatantly grips the other man's package, right in the middle of the ring.  This is illegal, humiliating, and perverted!  Maybe the white dude should not have worn those skimpy little briefs.

The dude in the shiny trunks snaked his hand between the other guy's thighs and gripped his ass. For revenge, the guy in the thong grabs onto the massive bulge in those skin tight trunks. Looks like the horny victim is enjoying these dirty tactics!

What's going on here??  Alex raises his arms to show the ref he is innocent.  Jericho takes the opportunity to fondle his unprotected groin.  Come on ref, don't let him abuse the other man like that!

Whoa, this poor dude is totally helpless!  His legs are grapevined and split wide apart, but he refuses to submit.  His cruel opponent then grabs a big fistful of that vulnerable crotch, twisting and kneading his manhood in a ball wringer, squeezing a submission out of him.

Here are two studs in white gear having fun with some amateur wrestling.  Hey, this is not a legal hold in amateur wrestling, is it???

Hot pic.  The guy in red entwines his legs around the legs of his opponent in all white. He reaches down and cups the victim's bulging groin in his hand, gripping his nuts.  You can see the raging boner tenting up the victim's tight white speedo.

Arn Anderson can't resist attacking Tom Zenk's crotch as he slides his fingers into the muscle stud's trunks and goes for his balls.  Z-Man sure wasn't expecting that move, judging from the surprise and pain etched on his face!  I wonder what the fans at ringside thought when they saw Arn suddenly grab his hot victim by the balls!?!