Gallery 334
Spike Pile Driver


A Spike Pile Driver is a two against one move where your partner pushes down the victim's feet while you deliver a regular Pile Driver.  This allows you to double the downward pressure on your opponent's spine when his head strikes the mat.

Here Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard apply the Spike Pile Driver to some kid in white gear.  They called this variation, with Tully leaping down off the ropes, the "Brain Buster."

Tully adds his own weight and momentum to the impact on this poor kid's head.  The ref counts, but allows the illegal double teaming by the beefy bad guys.  CRUNCH, the jobber is finished.

Arn and Tully loved this deadly move so much, they even named their tag team "The Brain Busters."  They used this move to destroy dozens of eager young jobbers, like this poor kid in blue trunks.

Hey, these cheaters are just trying to injure Cactus Jack!  Besides applying an illegal 2-on-1 Pile Driver, "Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn has also placed a chair under him, so they can jam Cactus Jack's skull onto metal for greater agony.

Kendall Windham, a tall dude in cowboy boots, is spiked into a chair by Roop and Sullivan, two of the most sadistic killers in the business.  Poor Kendall doesn't stand a chance against these ruthless bullies!  

This beefy tag team traveled to Japan to destroy all the Asian tag teams with good old American brutality and deadly  force.

Big Adrian Adonis hurls his massive weight off the ropes, pressing his hands down on the helpless Japanese dude's boots.

CRACK!  The lean Jap's body is broken by about 1,000 pounds of pressure on his neck and spine. This is horrible, the victim's partner outside the ring is worried about his injured partner.

Adrian easily covers the kid with his huge belly.  The ref ignores the kid's foot on the bottom rope and counts him out to put him out of his misery.

The cocky Americans celebrate their victory, even though they had to cheat by double teaming.  They stick out their fat bellies as they strut around to the boos of the Japanese fans.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, a pair of Asian invaders are destroying some young American boy-next-door in a hot pink singlet.  Muta stands on the top rope holding the kid's feet, while the outraged fans scream in horror.

These Japs simply have no mercy on their young American opponent!  They sadistically plant his skull into the ring floor, trying deliberately to break his back two against one.

Wow, here is a move you don't see every day:  a Tombstone Spike Pile Driver, with the guy in black pants poised behind his partner's back on the top rope, pressing down their opponent's feet.

This young blond kid and his masked partner grew up watching the sadistic cheaters, shown above, spiking their opponents into the ground.  So we shouldn't blame these cocky bad boys for  using these brutal tactics because they are only copying what they saw on TV.

Now this is absurd!  These three guys are trying to destroy young Scott Armstrong with a triple Spike Pile Driver!