Gallery 327
Big Bicep Headlocks

It's always fun to watch a guy punish his opponent in a tight headlock.  It's even better when the dude has massive pumped biceps, like this pro stud with the long sideburns.

I forgot this bearded muscle man's name, but he was known for his incredible arm strength.  Check out the agony on his hairy-chested victim's face.

Another hairy wrestler, Nick Bockwinkle, is punished by his muscular, smooth opponent.  Tony Atlas had some massive guns, and he liked flexing them when torturing his opponents.
Poor little Jimmy Brunzell is being strangled by Road Warrior Animal's huge bicep.  He has his big rock-hard arm pressed right against the cute guy's throat.

Superstar Billy Graham was another wrestler who liked to pump up his arms until they were freaky.  Damn, just look at that bulging bicep and tricep as he puts Harley Race to sleep with a tight headlock!

The surfer dude stepped on this hunk's sand castle, so now he is paying the price. He better watch where he is walking! The shirtless stud flexes on the pressure, gradually choking the surfer to sleep.

This guy kicked sand in the body builder's face on purpose, picking a fight with the huge dude just so he could feel that powerful body up close.  He rubs and strokes the huge hunk's shoulder, bicep, and abs as those bronze muscles flex to increase the pressure to his neck.
Lex Lugar was an incredible specimin with his huge pumped arms.  Here he grits his teeth and pours on the pressure, straining every muscle to punish his helpless young opponent. The ref leans in to ask the chump how his neck is feeling.

Although Curtis Thompson, the big stud in red tights, was a powerful body builder, he lost most of his matches.  Still, he looks great, grinding his muscles on this blond's neck.

Rocky Johnson clamps his scary huge arms around some jobber's skull and flexes on the pressure.  Now this curly headed punk knows how it feels to have your head trapped in a vice.

This French cartoon shows some big brute using his powerful hairy arm to strangle his Native American victim. No wonder some guys still get into comic books well beyond childhood!  If anyone can translate their comments, email me.

Talk about big hairy brutes, I wouldn't want to be in Dallas Page's situation right now, trapped between Goldberg's gigantic arm and his hard, hairy pec.  Goldberg has muscles on top of muscles as he cranks on the pain.

I believe this rock solid dude with the corn rows is called Tyree Pride.  He was a pumped little stud from Florida. This headlock gives him a chance to display his bulging muscles.

The stud turns sideways to the camera so the fans at home can check out his huge bicep definition and massive chest.  His opponent, meanwhile, grips a fistfull of his tight trunks, desperate to escape before his head is cracked open like an egg.

GRRRR!   Time for more hairy studs.  Check out the amazing power in Ivan Putski's huge body! He pulls Angelo Mosca's face in against his chest fur and tries to rip his head off his shoulders.
You remember Paul Roma, right?   He was that really handsome cocky stud with grapefruit-sized biceps.  I like the big vein running over the top of his bulging bicep.

The camera zooms in on that big round ball of muscle, pressed under the jobber's jaw bone.  Damn, Roma's arm is almost as thick as this punk's whole head!

Here is a hot picture of Saturn with hard bulges, locking his boy toy in a Standing Side Headlock.  Saturn's arms were not quite as massive then as they are now, but he sure looks nice standing there in domination, wearing those tight white trunks with the bulge in the front!

Norman Smiley is all smiles as he out-muscles Buff Bagwell.  Smiley is a ripped little stud, his arms look like chiseled stone.  I bet it hurts when he presses that hard bicep into your neck.

Now Smiley is torturing little Chavo Guerrero with those hard arms.  He presses the back of the weaker guy's head, to force his throat into that rock of a bicep.

We sure can't forget Jimmy Snuka in a gallery dedicated to big arms and headlocks!  The savage has Flair on his knees, whimpering for mercy, as he calmly pops his biceps out like over-inflated soccer balls.