Gallery 319
Figure 4 Headscissor


This victim is scissored in a face down position.  The lean dude in command is able to wrap up the poor guy's neck, head, and one arm with those long skinny legs.

In Japan, the wrestlers often use this Figure 4 Headscissor -- trapping the victim face down with his arm against your crotch -- as a variation of the sleeper hold.

Ouch, this cruel dude lays his victim on top, then stretches his neck down with a painful Figure 4 Neck Breaker!  That's GOTTA hurt!

Another stud applies the Figure 4 Neck Breaker, stretching his victim's head down with his legs.  He also reaches in and grabs a handful of those bikini briefs.

These dudes decided to gang up on their buddy, torturing him down on the living room floor with double scissors.  One applies a tight Fig 4 around the neck, gripping his foot for leverage, while the other dude wraps his legs around the helpless kid's waist to crush his body as well.

Here is a nice Double Figure 4 Headscissor.  When you get a guy in a scissor, be sure to prevent him from wrapping his pythons around your neck for revenge. Unless, of course, you want to try a little mutual scissoring to see whose legs are stronger!

Who will win this battle of leg strength?  The guy wearing a shirt has his elbow planted in his opponent's nuts, so he probably has the advantage right now.

In Hunkbash 2, Psycho Capone put the jobber in white gear to sleep using this cool inverted Figure 4 Headscissor.

Being upside-down, Psycho's legs are hooked around the poor kid's neck in the perfect position for the sleeper.  Every time Psycho flexes his massive glute and hamstring muscles, the kid falls deeper and deeper to sleep.

 From BG East, Psycho Capone vs. Terry Reed, Hunkbash 2

Some wrestler in red pants thought of a great new way to torture his opponent's neck.  He hooks his legs under the man's chin, crosses his feet at the ankles, then lays back, bending the poor guy's head up.  It's almost a variation of the dreaded Camel Clutch.

The helpless victim screams in agony, clutching his opponent's red pants as the painful Leg Camel continues. This hold looks pretty fun, I'll have to add it to my list.

This beefy wrestler locks on an unusual Figure 4 Headscissor from a crouching position. Or maybe he pressed himself up into that position for extra leverage after the victim refused to submit.  

Either this stud jumped up on the big animal's neck and slapped on a Figure 4, or maybe the beast is trying to escape the painful hold by rising to his feet so he can drop his opponent to the mat.  Either way, the scissoring stud gets to go for a little ride on the powerful monster's shoulders.


The stud in the rainbow speedo is helplessly trapped in the Tree of Woe position, his leg snared between the ropes and the turnbuckles.  The other wrestler takes advantage of his helpless situation by slapping on a Seated Figure 4 Headscissor.

This unique hold is similar to the Figure 4 Neckbreaker shown above, but here the victim is completely helpless with his legs entangled in the ropes.  The other stud can take his time, dishing out the neck punishment little by little.
From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs Dick the Prick, Submissions 3

What an unusual and punishing Figure 4 Headscissor! Dick the Prick is living up to his nick name, with his hairy leg tightly clamped over poor Horrigan's neck, stretching and bending his head painfully down as he trash talks the helpless hunk.

TNT Horrigan might as well surrender to this devastating hold!  He has no chance of escape, his head is trapped in an fairly humiliating position in Dick's crotch, and clearly Dick the Prick can sit comfortably in this position for hours.

From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs Dick the Prick, Submissions 3