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Reverse Figure 4


The Reverse Figure 4 Headscissor is a humiliating hold often used in amateur or collegiate style wrestling. With one foot hooked behind the opponent's head, the cocky dude in the red singlet is actually laughing as he uses his legs to force his opponent's nose into his ass! This is terrible, the victim is being degraded but he can't break free.

This young stud thinks he is Superman in his red, white, and blue singlet, arching back to pull the other dude's face tightly into his posterior.  The poor kid on the bottom is being totally used and abused!  This hold should be banned from high school wrestling, because it's embarrassing and could hurt the poor victim's self-esteem.

Is the man on the bottom punching the top wrestler in the ribs?  He is desperate to break free before all his team-mates and his family witness his humiliating loss, pinned to the mat and forced to kiss the hard ass of the guy in green.

This poor guy is being smothered between those thick, hairy thighs, his mouth and nose pressed into the other man's crotch.  He claws desperately at those strong hamstring muscles to get a breath of air.

"Sniff it, boy!  I bet you love it, you little pervert!  Do you like having your nose buried in my ass crack?  Here is another flex so you can get some more! GRRRR!"

The barefoot guy in the blue speedo has some strong legs, and he knows how to punish with them.  The victim struggles and slaps, but is slowly forced to take a nap between those crushing thighs.

From BG East, Dane Tarsen vs. Ian Nesbitt, Demolition 3

Here is a nice close-up of some other stud, also packed off to Dreamland by a Reverse Figure 4 Headscissor.  Do these guys pass out from the pressure to their neck, or are they being smothered under all the muscle and lycra?

For even greater pressure, you can grab your free foot for leverage, as the man in the black briefs is doing to his unfortunate victim.  Actually, it can be more fun to keep the pressure light and gentle for a few minutes, so the opponent doesn't get nervous and quickly submit to the crushing agony.


An angry young athlete is totally ashamed to be held in this ass-sniffing position.  His girlfriend and whole family are laughing at him.  His Aunt Sally is even video-taping this humiliation.  He kicks the other wrestler in the back of the neck, violently trying to break that Scissor Vise around his head.

The brothers from the inner city school travelled out to the suburbs to kick some white preppy ass on the wrestling mats. Instead, they are outraged and furious to see one of their homies being totally punked in the white kid's Reverse Figure 4.  "Come on Dawg, don't let that white boy press his junk in your face!!"  "Get up man, you look like his Bitch!"

The team captain leans forward and whispers to their opponent.  "You best release that nasty hold, you little white pussy, or we're gonna be looking for you in the parking lot after the meet!"

In the background, you can see a group of other men witnessing this poor man's defeat with the other wrestler's groin slamming into his face.  The victim closes his eyes in shame.

"AAHH!!  My NECK!   You're crushin' my FUCKING NECK!!"

Some artist liked the erotic domination of this hold so much, he drew this great sketch of a dude in a singlet smothering his opponent in his muscular legs.

Here is a vintage picture of a Reverse Fig 4 from some old book or magazine. This is either from a manual on wrestling holds, or maybe from some early porno magazine.

At least this wrestler's face is turned away from the stronger man's crotch, so he still feels the shame of losing the match, but not the humiliation of having his face humped.  The stronger wrestler reaches between his victim's thighs and grabs his wrist to prevent any escape attempts.