Gallery 306
Lex Lugar vs. Ricky Nelson

Wow, Lex Lugar is looking massive and pumped as he struts around the ring, preparing to lock up with his cute young opponent, Ricky Nelson.

The two wrestlers face off, hands on hips.  You can clearly see that one wrestler is much larger and more powerful than the other.  Why did young Ricky Nelson agree to step in the ring against this massive body builder??  Maybe the promoters forced him.
Lex decides to intimidate his lean young opponent with a display of his power.  He flexes his huge muscles with a cocky grin, showing young Ricky what a real man's body looks like.

The muscle man easily takes control and applies an arm bar on young Nelson, squatting over the kid in domination.  It looks like Lugar could snap this kid's arm off any time he wants!

Lex hoists the kid up in his arms like he weighs nothing, and cracks his spine across one knee.  Ricky's back is hurting, but Lugar snatches his trunks and lifts him up for more punishment.
Pulling the waistband of the jobber's trunks, Lugar punches the young man in the lower back.  Why did the promoters put poor Ricky Nelson in the ring against this huge muscle man?  Do they want to see the cute kid beaten and humiliated??

Ricky drops to his knees howling in pain, grabbing his injured back in agony.  Lugar is trying to break this poor kid's spine, and the fans enjoy watching it!

Lugar looks like a hungry lion, waiting to tear into his helpless prey.  He can't believe he gets paid to beat up on these weak young pretty boys!

Lex is getting brutal now.  He grips his young opponent by the throat and begins choking him with both hands.  Come on Lugar, you outweigh this kid by about 80 pounds of muscle!  At least fight fair against him!

Now Lugar is just showing off his strength!  He hoists his boy toy up by the neck and crotch, parading around the ring with his helpless victim held above him. Check out that ripped, muscular physique! Lugar could break this skinny kid in two pieces if he felt like it.

CRASH!   Lex throws the young man across the ring, slamming his lower back onto the mat.  I think the cruel muscle man is just torturing the kid's back to prepare him for the dreaded Lugar Torture Rack.
Sure enough, Lugar raises Nelson's body onto his shoulders, applying the Torture Rack.  He bounces up and down until the kid quits struggling and lays bent and broken across his huge shoulders.

The bell rings over and over, as Lugar continues to twist this broken carcass behind his neck.  This young man has suffered enough, I think his spine has snapped!

At last, the bully dumps the stunned jobber onto the mat. The champ stands in victory over his victim.  I hope you are proud of yourself, Lugar, for beating up a much smaller man!