Gallery 301
Seated Figure 4


To apply the seated Figure 4 Headscissor, rest the opponent's head in your lap, circle one leg around his neck, and lock your foot under your other leg.  You can also grab that foot for additional leverage.

This stud in the blue speedo is suffering in a Figure 4 Headscissor applied by some military dude in camo pants and combat boots.
Now some built young man is applying this hot hold wearing just jeans, grinding that rough denim against the cute victim's face.  If you've never wrestled shirtless in just jeans before, your assignment is to try it with a buddy right away.  It can feel pretty hot even though it's harder to maneuver.

Does anyone know the artist who created this sexy graphic of a stud in blue boots dominating a pretty boy?

If you are the artist who created this image, email me and lets talk about my ideas for a weekly wrestling cartoon series.

Mikey Vee is dominating Troy Baker with his legs.  I think Mikey has put Troy to sleep using his Fig 4 Headscissor.  Nice 8 pack abs on the sleeping stud!!


From BG East, Mikey Vee and Mike Columbo vs. The Baker Brothers, Tag Team Torture 2

This poor dude is in agony from the masked man's tight Figure 4.  When he stretches his leg to the ropes, the cheater outside the ring kicks his foot off the ropes!

You can tell this grappler is trash talking the barefoot kid in the bulging green speedo, as the bully cranks on the pressure by repeatedly flexing and relaxing his leg muscles.

Whoa, great body on the stud in the black bikini, sprawled out in the oil as his seated opponent presses a hard calf muscle against his neck.

This stud, with his red singlet pulled down around his waist, applies an unusual reverse Fig 4 Headscissor, with his helpless victim facing into his big package.

This is pretty humiliating for the guy in blue gear, with his face pressed into the other dude's balls.  I think he is being smothered, but there is no way to escape that tight leg vice locked around his neck!


Here is an interesting view from behind a powerful muscle-man in a Zebra bikini.  We get a nice view of his massive triceps and powerful shoulder, while his huge legs swell around the victim's neck like a Boa Constrictor smothering its prey.

This young man with the pink speedo and the mullet really knows how to use his legs to destroy the competition.

The poor kid in white gear is out cold thanks to that powerful seated Figure 4.  This seems to be a variation of the sleeper hold!

Wow, great close-up of the snoozing victim, snuggled between his opponent's legs and using the pink speedo as his pillow.  The dude in pink better release his hold quick now that the other man has relaxed, but he is enjoying this feeling of leg domination.

At last the ruthless bully untangles his boots and releases the Figure 4 Headscissor, dropping the head of his snoozing opponent onto the mat.