Gallery 287
Non Wrestler Sleepers


A lot of guys are playing around with this deadly hold, in their basements, living rooms, and bed rooms. This is not safe, the sleeper should only be attempted by trained pros. Here is some cocky guy in a white t-shirt putting one of his buddies into a deep snooze, the dude's head bent over at a dangerous angle.

He got tired of his new roommate constantly strutting around shirtless, enticing him with that bare tan body.  After begging the stud again and again to put a shirt on, the dude couldn't control himself.  He leaped over the coffee table and locked the tan pretty boy in a tight sleeper.

Sleeper play isn't just for the pretty boys either.  This daddy bear has applied it on his beefy buddy who is clearly suffering as the pressure from those meaty arms slowly increases.

After these football players couldn't beat the rival school on the field, we see what sport they really love.  One applies a sleeper on the star running back, while the other throws an elbow smash.

This judo instructor started drooling when the blond cutie joined his martial arts class.  He ordered his young pupil to stay after class for some extra credit.

This guy hired a painter to paint his basement, but when he saw the beefy workman strutting around in his white clothes, he offered to pay him to wrestle rather than paint. He can work on the basement another day, this is more fun.

The Rock N Roll Express, Ricky and Robert, are tag team partners. Ricky is getting frisky here, locking on a playful sleeper, not trying to hurt his handsome partner.  He shows how much he digs Robert by holding him in this tight sleeper embrace.

When the cute blond recruit broke curfew, the hard-ass sargeant who busted him sneaking into the barracks had to teach him a lesson.  

"Boy, you'll be fast asleep where you belong when I'm finished with your skinny ass!"

Here is another horny man in uniform using a sleeper to subdue some shirtless guy.  These military guys are taught choke holds for self defense, not to destroy some citizen in the park just for strutting around with his shirt off! Like most men in uniform, the power has gone to this bully's head!

This drill sargeant heard the cute white recruit saying a racial term, so he decided to use the stud as a practice dummy when he demonstrated the deadly sleeper hold to the entire platoon.  

"You gonna respect me now, boy??  Tell me I'm your Daddy!"

This young soldier wins the War Games by taking the enemy guard out with a long sleeper.  The victim is surrendering, but the eager young soldier likes the feeling of domination, so he keeps the hold tightly applied until the other man is fast asleep.

These guys watch too much pro wrestling!  After spending all afternoon enjoying some old pro wrestling videos, he offers to show his eager buddy how it feels to be put out in a very tight sleeper hold.

It's the first day of college and before they go to bed, the jock patiently teaches his new roommate who is going to be the boss in their dorm room for the rest of the school year.  

Tom Cruise seems to be smiling in this stud's tight sleeper embrace.  You know, there was a rumor going around....  I better not say anything more or I might get sued!

This young stud doesn't even talk to the fat kid at school.  He would never tell all his popular friends that he invites the chubby guy over almost every afternoon for some intenses sleeper punishment.  And the fat guy accepts the cocky hunk's invitation every time, knowing he will be used as a sleeper toy!

What are these two perverts doing to their skinny young friend?  One disables him with the sleeper so the other could strip his clothes off and plunge a hand into his blue briefs!  This is disgusting, they are violating this helpless young man.

Once he is out cold they handcuff him so they can continue to humiliate him. His whole body is limp now, except for his dick, thanks to the laughing dude's constant stroking.