Gallery 282
Standing Sleeper


I thik Kerry Von Erich is out cold, but cruel Paul Orndorff continues to stand behind him, applying the pressure with those huge arms wrapped around Kerry's neck.
Jeff Jarrett is usually the one laughing as he puts his opponent in the sleeper hold.  This time the tables are turned as AJ Styles wraps a huge bicep around Jarrett's neck and cranks on the pressure.

These young studs are wrestling in their shiny satin trunks and high top sneakers. That is a sexy look!  The stud in silver applies a sleeper hold and slowly takes his suffering opponent down to the mat.

Wow, check out the power in these beefy physiques!  Chuck Palumbo, the long haired barbarian in the bulging blue speedo, slaps a tight sleeper on another muscle hunk. HOT!  No wonder you guys keep voting to see pics of this hold!

This bully presses his cheek against his hand for added leverage.  Is he laughing at his helpless victim, knowing the kid will never escape from this tight sleeper?

These brawny wrestlers have some intense expressions on their faces.  This is probably what both these men look like when they get off.

Ric Flair is a master of the sleeper hold.  He is so cocky when he locks it on, you gotta love him.  He is laughing at fat Dusty Rhodes, who is on his knees with no hope of escape.

Hey now!  Mike Rotundo has turned the tables, grinning as he shows Ric Flair how it feels to be put to sleep by a stronger man.  This time, Flair's chubby body is on display as he is humiliated and destroyed in the sleeper hold.

Grrrrrrreat bodies on these muscle boys! The ripped dude in the green bikini reaches his arms out desperately, which just shows how helpless he is in the other hunk's tight clutch.

It must have been an intense match: both Rick Rude and his blondie victim are bathed in sweat.  Rude is now ready to hit the showers so he slaps on his incredible sleeper hold.  The victim's eyes roll to the back of his head as he falls into a deep sleep.

This long haired blond calmly turns the tables on Rick Rude, putting the cocky muscle man in a hot standing sleeper.

Once again, Rick Rude is dominated by a fair-haired boy, as his muscular body is flexing and struggling to escape this tight sleeper hold.

This grappler invited a guy in army fatigues to wrestle in his garage.  He over-powers the beefy military man by forcing him to his knees in a very tight sleeper hold.

This stud must like dominating guys in combat fatigues with his sleeper hold.  Now he puts away a beefy bear, who cringes in agony as the sleeper noose tightens around his neck.

It's not just the guys in combat gear who feel the effects of this goateed stud's sleeper.  Now he clamps it on some lean dude in red briefs.

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