Rope Tangle
with Low Blows


One bad thing about having your arms tied behind you in the ropes is that it leaves your crotch exposed, vulnerable to brutal attacks if your opponent is vicious enough.  This bikini bully drives the heel of his black boot into his helpless victim's ball region.

"AHHHH!  My nuts!  AH! AH!  You're crushing them!"   The kid in the green speedo howls in pain as the cheater braces the sole of his boot against the poor dude's package and pulls down his feet.

From BG East, Brigham Bell vs. Patrick Donovan, Hunkbash 5


This young man, The Bavarian Boy, ties the bald brute in the ropes, lays on his back, and starts kicking the baldie in the face, wiping the soles of his boots on the helpless man's face.  That looks painful as well as humiliating!

Ooooof.   The young lad continues to smack the larger man around with his wrestling shoe, while planting the heel of his other foot in the poor guy's crotch.

The gentlemen at ringside, in their suits and ties, watch the brutality closely as these kicks get lower and lower.  Now the Bavarian Boy is running a marathon down on the bald man's package. This is terrible, the man is in agony, but there is nothing he can do to stop this boot party on his balls.

The Brooklyn Bodywrecker admires his hard bicep as he slips a hand deep into the trapped guy's speedo, feeling him up or squeezing his nuts into submission.  He is violating this helpless young opponent!
From BG East, Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Mark Nelson, Demolition 3


They've got their boots pressed into each other's groins, but the long haired stud has the advantage, because his arm's aren't entangled helplessly in the ropes!



The stud in white briefs can't break free from the ropes before the beefy hunk in the blue speedo starts slamming him with torpedo shoulders.  That last pic looks a little below the belt as his face rams into the helpless man's crotch.

Magnum wore his tight red bikini for this match.  The cruel Russian lays him back over the ropes to drive a knee to his scrotum.

UMMMMPFFF!  His knee connects with that tight red speedo, smashing the big balls that are packed inside.

Poor Magnum, out of breath from the low blow,  has no protection from this crazy Russian's shoulder attacks.  Why doesn't Magnum take his arms off the ropes and defend himself?

Ugggggnnn! All the air rushes out of Magnum's lean body as the Russian crashes into his belly or groin region.