Gallery 214
Atomic Drop

The wrestling announcers always state that the Atomic Drop -- lifting the opponent and slamming his crotch on your knee -- injures the spine and lower back.  From the victim's expression of agony, it sure seems more like a low blow to the groin!

After Tito Santana's package meets Greg "The Hammer" Valentine's knee, I'd say his pain is a little bit lower than his lower back.  Beefy Valentine stands and watches his opponent bent over in pain, gasping for breath, feeling the worse pain an man can feel..
The bearded hunk wearing the vest and mask does not know what to expect from his long haired opponent.  He grips the attacker's shoulders with a worried express as he is carried across the ring.

Oh no, now he has realized that he is about to receive a Reverse Atomic Drop, a painful slamming of his package on the other guy's thigh.  He begins to cry for mercy: "No, not my balls!  Please don't drop my nuts on your knee!!"

OOOOFFF!   The bearded hunk reacts with an expression of shock and pain as he experiences the ball-breaking agony of the Reverse Atomic Drop!

Can anyone translate the words running down the side of this poster?  My Japanese is a little rusty, but I think it says something like: "Witness cruel American in blue, planning to crack fat blond's testicles on bent thigh!  Exciting agony, you will enjoy!"

Has Carlos Colon ever been in a match that did NOT end up in both wrestlers covered in blood??  Here, Colon scoops up a bloodied Tully Blanchard, in order to destroy the beefy dude with the painful nut busting Atomic Drop across the knee.

The long haired wrestler with the beard is scooped up by young Dustin Rhodes, wearing the tight black speedo. This veteran is being schooled by the younger wrestler, totally punked and humiliated by the rookie.

Next, the bearded veteran rubs his sore bottom like he's a naughty boy who just received a spanking, as young Dustin prepares to attack him again.

It appears that chubby Harley Race's face was split open in this classic brutal match. Crimson blood is streaming down his forehead in rivers.  I think I know what he plans to do for revenge as he scoops up his opponent, rests him on that big belly, and begins to bend his knee...

Bob Backlund, in the ass-hugging black speedo, is about to stun Superstar Graham with this running forward Atomic Drop.  Graham's legs are spread wide apart as Backlund sets him up for the ball buster.

Wow, check out the elevation that the big dude in black tights gets on the barefoot boy in the red speedo!  He hoists the poor guy up to shoulder height.  I think he is going to shatter this poor dude's balls if he Atomic Drop's him from there!!

SPLAT!  The barefoot boy's red speedo meets the other man's knee.  His red ass bounces off that hard knee like a pinball smacking into a bumper.

This barefoot wimp was completely destroyed by that massive Atomic Drop.  He lays flat on his back, helpless and gasping for air.  The big man can do whatever he wants to this defeated punk.
Here is young Curt Hennig, the skinny guy with the big bicep, scooping up a fat blond dude.  Hennig needs huge muscles like that to hoist all this beef up to his neck level.  

CRUNCH!  The fat guy, Playboy Buddy Rose, cringes as his nuts smack against his opponent's solid knee, his meaty weight putting even more impact onto his poor ball sack.  Maybe if the Playboy wore bigger, looser trunks, rather than those skimpy black briefs, he might be able to withstand the Atomic Drop better.

Oh no, the blond is horrified that his opponent is preparing to Atomic Drop him again.  Two in a row could completely destroy his manhood!  He clutches his package trying to protect himself.

"Oh oh oh oh!   My ass!  My spine!  Please not again!"   Hennig laughs at this fat clown, enjoying the agony he caused on Rose, who is now dancing around rubbing his ass and crotch.

I almost feel sorry for the fat blond cheater, bent over in agony after two low blows from cocky Curt Hennig.  He is trying to catch his breath as Hennig stalks him to possibly set him up for yet another nut cracker!