Gallery 202
Abdominal Stretch

The Abdominal Stretch locks the victim's lower body in position, while bending his upper body over to one side, allowing you to painfully stretch out his ribs, ab muscles, back, shoulders, etc. This stud places his hand on the victim's hard little six pack, to feel the strain he is applying.

This muscular victim sells the pain of this hold very well, opening his mouth to scream in horror, as well as spreading out his arms in a classic pose of agony.

Besides the sexy suffering on the victim's face, what makes an Ab Stretch really interesting is the way it puts the victim's hot body on display, flexing and bent, trapped in place for the fans to check out.

Another hot body is painfully twisted in a tight Abdominal Stretch. You can tell it is tight by the contorted lower ab muscles down near the victim's waist band. The bad guy smiles a cruel little grin as he increases the pressure.


Even big brawlers like Dick The Bruiser can not resist the agony of this hold.  Look at him crying in pain like a little bitch as his meaty body is stretched out by the Japanese wrestler. I hope those tight little black trunks can handle this much stretching.

Now Buck Zumhoff stretches out a Japanese grappler, Tiger Mask.  Wrestlers don't normally submit to the Ab Stretch.  Usually they just suffer and grunt and groan and struggle for a long time, and then break free.


An evil pirate puts young Alex Wright in some painful gut twists, first down on the mat, then in the standing Ab Stretch. Alex flexes his hard, ripped abdominal muscles to resist the big pirate's attempts to break him in half.


These masked Luchadores decided to double the fun.  They apply matching Ab Stretches, forcing their opponents to watch each other whimpering in pain and begging for mercy at the same time.


OUCH!!  Mikey Vee adds a sadistic twist to the Ab Stretch, yanking back the victim's free leg.  This stretches the ripped body of the stud in pink in three different directions at once.  His hard body is being torn apart by this cruel bad boy!!
  From BG East, Mikey Vee vs. Del Harris, Hunkbash 6

Here is a picture perfect Abdominal Stretch by some bearded bully on a little jobber.  He grips the young man's lower obliques in a tight claw for some added torture.

The bearded dude throws his weight back, bending this kid over at an incredible angle!  The helpless stud howls in agony as his muscular body is strained to the limit.

Everyone's favorite jobber, Kenny Kendall, is screaming for mercy while the ref asks him is he has had enough.  The cruel cowboy, who is wearing all his clothes, looks down in admiration at Kendall's naked torso, rippling with muscle, exposed and stretched to the breaking point.

I think the dirty cowboy might be reaching for the ropes, so he can apply extra stretching power.  The ref is too busy watching the suffering on the handsome young stud's face.  Check out Kendall's back and shoulder muscles straining against this hold.


This ruthless wrestler presses down on the screaming victim's face to force his body into an even deeper stretch.  He rests the other hand on the stud's lower abs to feel the strain and stretch that he is causing.