Gallery 168 -
Side Breaker

Check out this tough bearded mauler with his strong opponent's limp body broken across his bent knee.  You gotta love this vintage pro brutality!

Another hairy beast tries to crack a pretty boy's spine by dropping him across his thigh.  The kid suffers as the brute gropes his white briefs with a hand deep in his crotch.

What is this Japanese wrestler doing with his fingers as he applies a back snapping Side Breaker?  Is he trying to humiliate the opponent, or turn him on?
Another vintage Japanese pro has his hand strategically placed on the other wrestler's privates. Is he trying to get a good grip on those black tights, or is he getting a little frisky in the ring?
He cracks a smile as he takes advantage of this hold to slip one hand between the victim's thighs and grab the poor guy in a sensitive area.

It looks like this masked man is pulling down the jobber's pants!  He's holding the poor kid by the waistband of his trunks, giving the fans a peek at the young man's personal assets. 

This blond bad guy doesn't want to lose his grip on Kerry von Erich, so he reaches in deep and tightly grabs a whole fist full. I think that iron grip on his ass is making Kerry squirm and kick more than the pain of the Side Breaker!

Killer Kowalski howls like a raging beast as he drops some beefy body across his thigh.  The bloodthirsty fans scream "Break him in half!"

The caption says that this heel is using a "bone breaking grip" on the jobber in white. What bone is he breaking here??

Bad boy Greg Valentine loved to punish any guy stupid enough to climb in the ring with him.  Here he prepares to break this dude's back, or maybe a few of his ribs on his thigh.

In this vicious cage match, Wahoo McDaniels has young Magnum TA hoisted across his chest, holding his lean body aloft as the fans scream for their hero.
Ouch!  Wahoo drops the hunk's rib cage across his bent knee.  Poor Magnum is hurt now, and he can't get out of that locked cage!
He drops Magnum's limp carcass to the mat.  The cowboy is sprawled out and beaten at the Indian's feet, ready for more savage punishment.