Gallery 170 - 
Shoulder Backbreaker

The chubby heel hoists his muscular opponent up in the OTS (Over The Shoulder) Backbreaker.  I don't care how ripped this dude's muscles are, he is finished now!

Check out Mikey Vee, in his sexy bulging briefs, snapping some jobber's back by bending him over his shoulder and strutting around the ring.
Later he converts it into a Torture Rack.  The jobber boy in blue gave up a while ago, but Mikey is just being Mikey, continuing to humiliate and punish the poor guy.
From BG East, Mikey Vee vs. Steve Sherwood, Demolition 4

Here is a beefy stud in tight trunks working over another hot brawler in the OTS Backbreaker.  Nice manly physiques on these classic pro wrestlers.

The ripped stud in red speedos is LA Wrestler.  If there is one hold that he enjoys, it's a back breaker!  His hard abs flex as he hoists his victim over one shoulder.

I'm not sure if this vicious dude is lifting his victim into a backbreaker, or getting ready to slam the poor guy.  Either way, the guy is about to feel some agony.

This muscle man's bulging trunks are on display as his powerful body is bent in the wrong direction.  Is he enjoying this punishment?

The ruthless blond applies the OTS Backbreaker, then squeezes the handsome kid's midsection, in an inverted bearhug.  This is cruel, why is he trying to torture the poor young man??

Now that this guy has his victim bent over his shoulder, he can take his time and let gravity contort the dude's spine until he cries for mercy.

Whoa, look at Kevin Von Erich being twisted into an arch by the beefy man in the skimpy black speedos.
The barefoot boy, in his white trunks, is paraded arond the ring, so all the fans can witness his suffering.  What is the ref doing?  Being a cheerleader??

This is terrible, how much spine snapping pain can this young man endure?? Why was little Kevin forced to climb in the ring with the big mean bully??
The ref feels both wrestlers' muscles and stares at Kevin's bulging white speedo as Kevin squirms around in agony and kicks his bare feet.
Yukon Eric was a raging wild man from Alaska, as you can tell by his ragged pants held up with a rope.  Here he destroys Dick the Bruiser in the dreaded OTS Backbreaker.