Gallery 169 -
Over the Knee

The OTK (Over The Knee) Backbreaker is simple but effective: Just bend him across your knee and press on his neck and thigh, as this guy is doing to the ripped stud in the blue bikini. Way to put that hot body on display!

This guy snakes his arm between the thighs of the muscle man in white, pressing his bicep against the dude's bulging package as he punishes his back.
From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs. Ron Richter, Submissions 1

Nice old style pro boots on these gladiators!  He ruthlessly presses down the victim's chin to punish his neck.
Another classic pro stud in hot gear is tortured in the neck stretching variation of the OTK Backbreaker.  He kicks his long legs around to break free.

Here is a hunk who loves back breakers.  He casually tortures some smooth jobber in tight red trunks racked over his strong thigh.

The Alaskan was a macho, hairy chested brawler from the good old days of Pro Wrestling.  The ref is trying to stop the bearded bear from snapping the poor jobber in two pieces across his thigh like a piece of fire wood.

He has his hand pressed in the helpless victim's face, his palm right on the guy's mouth and nose.  How can the poor dude breathe?

Tom Zenk is being tortured by ruthless Chris Benoit.  The stud in the red trunks feels his powerful body stretched to the breaking point, as he learns why Benoit is called "The Crippler."  Great suffering, as always, by the Z-Man.
Now Benoit has a masked man stretched across his thigh. This hold really shows the attacker in a dominant pose over his arched victim.

They wore their sexy white boots for this match.  Tommy Rogers is in agony as his partner is forced to watch him suffer from outside the ring.  The ref asks the stud whether he is ready to submit to this beefy blond heel.

After trapping his victim in a backbreaker, this dude can't resist a little action below the belt, playing with the dude's manhood to humiliate him.
Hey wait a minute, little Liam Ryan is supposed to lose to the big Brooklyn Bodywrecker.  Instead he has turned the tables, backbreaking the stronger man, and even fondling him for extra humiliation.  Enjoy it while it lasts Liam, because paybacks are a bitch!
From BG East, Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Liam Ryan, Squared Circle 3

Here is a hairy chested bald daddy working over some rookie by bending him across his knee.  The fans get to see that hot young flesh stretched to the limit.
Another bald brawler has his handsome young opponent in a painful back breaker.  Why is it that the bald heels like to apply this hold on the young studs?  Do they like to see the pose of suffering that the victim is in?
Again, a baby face is in agony as he is broken across the thigh of the bald veteran. These sadistic bald guys can't get enough of this hold!
The long haired stud is too hot for words.  I like his variation of the OTK Backbreaker, locking those arms under his muscular leg.

Arn Anderson is abusing poor Marcus Bagwell, bending him across his knee and hammering his fists into the kid's belly. Why do fans tune in to watch this brutality?
The camera zooms in on the handsome young hero's face, capturing his suffering and expressions of pain for the enjoyment of the fans at home. (Click the picture to enlarge it)

Whoa, anyone who likes seeing hot bodies glisten in oil will enjoy this picture.  The hairy stud gazes at the smooth body builder's ripped midsection, stretched out across his thigh in a devastating OTK Backbreaker.