Gallery 167 -
Back Breaker

The Slamming Back Breaker starts by hoisting the opponent up by the crotch like a regular Body Slam, as Mike Columbo does to the blond dude in the Tarzan briefs. Instead of tossing him down on the mat, you spike his back across your knee.
From BG East, Mike Columbo vs. Joah Bindao, Submissions 6

The stud in the tight purple speedo carries Kid Leopard around the ring like an armload of firewood, then slams Leopard's lower back across his thigh.  He presses down on the chin and leg for additional spine punishment.
From BG East, Kid Leopard vs. Cliff Conlin, Hunk Bash 1

Check out this pro wrestler from the Golden Age, dominating his victim in the sexy gear by driving the guy's spine onto his kneecap.  Another wrestler watches this brutality from outside the ropes.

Scott Bakula isn't a big strong wrestler, and he has no pro wrestling experience, so why did he agree to climb in the ring with Terry Funk on this episode of Quantum Leap??

You can see the dazed, beaten expression on poor Scott's face as Funk snaps his back with a Back Breaker, then drops him to the mat like a wet noodle.  Funk then pins the helpless rookie chest to chest.

CRACK!  This Japanese stud just snapped the arrogant American's lower back over his bent knee.  That will teach this cocky hunk to strut around the ring wearing those skimpy trunks with his package bulging out.

This beefy blond dude uses his big gut for leverage and extra force as he tries to break young Kevin von Erich in two pieces over his knee.  OUCH, poor Kevin!

Great biceps on both of these hunks!  Benoit sneaks a peek at his victim's bulging crotch in those tight yellow trunks, as he ruthlessly slams the man down across his leg.

The caption says that this brawler is "only trying to break Kashey's back."  This move is great because it looks so cruel, as if the guy doesn't care if he injures his opponent for life.

Here is a great variation.  The kneeling wrestler slams the blond with the wild hair across his knee the long way, so his knee cap strikes the victim between the shoulder blades. 

Check out this powerful long haired brawler, sneaking in a crotch feel on the sexy dude in the silver briefs as he tries to break the spine over his knee.  Did any of the fans notice that little groin grab?

Terry Taylor is in control of this match, looking sweet in the red speedo as he tosses this body builder around like a rag doll, then snaps him across the thigh. CRACK!
What is Taylor doing with his right hand? Do a lot of wrestlers use this move as a chance to feel up their opponent's package?