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Bedtime Stories

This stud's great body is on display as the strong brother dominates him with the Sleeper, encouraging him to put on a show of suffering for the horny fans.
Aryx Quinn takes his time applying his Sleeper Hold, allowing the kneeling victim to check out his bicep so he'll know exactly how Aryx put him out.

From BG East, Jpe Mazetti vs. Aryx Quinn, Hunkbash 9

Joe Mazetti soon realizes that he may be the stronger man with the larger muscles, but Aryx Quinn is in charge here, and easily has enough strength to knock the bigger man out cold.

From BG East, Jpe Mazetti vs. Aryx Quinn, Hunkbash 9

The bully realizes the fans love the cute kid who he has trapped in the Sleeper.  He teases the fans, trying to incite their anger, as he punishes their hero right in front of them.

The tattoed bad-boy continues to rock the hero off to sleep without mercy.  The fans are screaming for their boy to escape, but really they want to watch him suffer some more.
Check out the bodies on these two hunks, in their matching red bikinis.  Before they lock up, they take some time to show off their muscles, posing proudly for the camera.  I'd say the older dude on our right has the strength advantage.

The younger wrestler is able to secure a Sleeper and take control of the veteran.  He puts the muscle-man on Dream Street with a tight Sleeper.

Even though the victim's arms and face have relaxed as he falls deeply asleep, the controlling stud continues to apply the pressure, rocking his boy-toy off to sleep like a baby.

The kid in the blue tights is confident that he has defeated the bigger man.  He trash-talks the big bully in the black tights as he holds on to the Sleeper like a pit-bull.

Soon the bad boy escapes, smiling as he locks his cute opponent in a Sleeper of his own.  He teaches the newbie how to properly take a man down, by applying consistent pressure without mercy.  Soon the kid is fast asleep.

Who wouldn't want to be locked in a Sleeper Hold -- or any other hold for that matter -- applied by Randy Orton.  Here is a picture of Randy when he was looking very lean and ripped.

Triple H is surprised to feel Randy tightening the pressure with his powerful arms.  Triple H is used to most opponents rolling over and letting him win.

Triple H reminds the ref that Vince pays their salaries, and Vince prefers to see his pal Triple H winning the matches.  Poor Randy doesn't have a chance if the ref forces him to break every hold he applies!
This ripped pretty-boy is just hanging out in his red, white, and blue speedo.  You can tell from his double nipple piercings that he may enjoy a little pain and suffering.

This bad boy decides to give the stud what he wants -- a little agony and humiliation as he chokes the hot dude and twists his arm out of the socket.

It doesn't take long before the stronger man applies the ultimate domination hold -- the Sleeper -- on the gorgeous hunk in the patriotic speedo.

Check out Mike Columbo, enjoying his position of power as he tortures another body-builder in a very tight Sleeper, watching the man's face as he pours on the pressure.

From BG East, Mike Columbo vs Jimmy Gee, Fantasymen 28

I like this image of Columbo's hand pressed over the man's forehead, as the handsome victim reaches up to feel his bicep.  He can't believe Columbo's strength pressed against his throat, he wants to feel it.
The victim soon realizes he is at the other man's mercy, a position he may never have experienced before.  Columbo maintains the pressure, determined to see this stud out cold at his feet.

The victim has surrendered over and over, but Columbo isn't satisfied with a submission. He seems to think the Sleeper just isn't the same if you release it before making the victim go limp.

From BG East, Mike Columbo vs Jimmy Gee, Fantasymen 28