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Group Yoga


When you want a more intense feeling, it helps to stretch out with a partner.  These two are in the Twister Pose, where the kneeling man's body is rotated around as far as it will bend.

Here is another kneeling man, feeling the incredible effects of the Twister.  A third man is entering the ring to also join in the pose, to increase the stretch even further.
Double Stretch

Having three people stretch out together offers even greater possibilities. The man in the red shirt uses his body weight to provide the shirtless guy in white pants the maximum range of motion.  A third man then applies a stretch on the big man to show him how it feels.

Mirror Image

The Mirror Image is fun when you have a group of four. Two people can be stretched out at the same time, and can watch each other experiencing the effects of the stretch.

From BG East, Dante & Big John vs Barry Longshaw & Dave Van Arden, Fantasymen 10

Pump Handle

In the Pump Handle, you pull the stretched man's arm between his thighs for greater leverage.  To give him the maximum effect of this intense stretch, work his arm up and down like the handle of a pump.

From BG East, Troy Baker vs. Shane McCall, Jobberpaloozer 4

This close-up view shows the incredible contortion that is possible in the mid-section when your partner is placed in this pose.
The big man with the long hair reaches down between his partner's hamstrings to grip his wrist.  Check out the extreme rotation of the stretched man's shoulders and torso as he is twisted a full 90 degrees relative to his hips.

This big man seems to favor the Pump Handle stretch. Once again, he uses his height to twist the smaller man's body to a very effective rotation.  You can tell the man being stretched is really feeling the effects of this pose!

This close-up shows how the arm -- being locked between the stretched man's thighs -- holds his hips in a stationary position.  This allows for greater stretching through the abdomen, ribs, and chest, as the upper torso is bent over and twisted to at least 90 degrees.

This Pump Handle would be more effective if the stretched man's arm is pulled tightly upward until his forearm is in contact with his purple speedo.

From BG East, Justin Pierce vs. Tony Cosenti, Ringwars 8
Stepover Stretch

This variation uses the superior strength of the leg to apply the rotation to the stretched man's body.  I'll bet this man never realized that his body could bend into this interesting contortion!

El Crucifijo

Stretching can also be very effective when done while laying on the floor.  This twisted position is known as El Crucifijo, or Crucifix Pose.    

Octopus Pose

One of the most effective stretches for the neck, shoulders, and lower back is the Octopus Pose.  The man applying the stretch hooks one leg over the stretched man's neck, and one over his thigh, so his body weight acts as a fulcrum.

The pressure added to the stretched man's body, thanks to the leg wrapped over his face, offers a much more intense stretching experience than he would ever achieve by bending side-ways on his own.
When Kid Leopard realized that the basic stretch was not providing the desired result, he converted the stretch into the more effective Octopus Pose.  You can see the second position offers much greater force for a deeper stretch throughout the body.

Here is an older and more experienced Kid Leopard again offering his partner a very intense Octopus stretch.  Notice how pulling on the wrist of the free arm provides an even greater twisting effect though the ribs and abdominals.
From BG East, Kid Leopard vs. Shon Tracy, Punishment 2

Here we see the beginning of an Octopus Stretch.  The stretched man will feel a breath-taking sensation in his rib cartilege, once the man applying the stretch is able to lock his leg in position and press the man's neck down.

Octopus Chickenwing

South of the border, the tradition is to explore greater stretches of increasing complexity, just to see how far a man can stretch.  Here we see a Chickenwing used in combination with the Octopus for even greater benefit.

Nelson Stretch

Pulling back both arms while stretching your partner to the side offers even more powerful results.  As usual when performing a stretch, never force the body beyond its limit, or force muscles into unnatural or painful positions.

Rope Stretch

Every day objects such as ropes can offer even greater leverage as you work on stretching the muscles to their limit for the greatest benefit.

From BG East, J-Rock vs. Justin Pierce, Hunkbash 9
Swastika Pose

This position is named for the Nazi symbol from World War 2, shown below.  The stretched man's arms and legs seem to be shaped just like the old Swastika emblem.

From BG East, Justin Pierce vs. Lance Jeffers, Mathunks 6

Pulling up on the free ankle while locking down the other leg, and rotating the upper torso with one arm barred allows the body to stretch in four directions at once.

This vintage picture shows that the Swastika Pose has been in use for a long time, maybe since World War 2 when the Swastika image was popular in Europe, as was classic Professional Wrestling.

We normally see Kid Leopard applying some very creative stretches, but in this case, he is the one feeling the effects of an intense Swastika, his lean body being "drawn and quartered" by a stronger man.

From BG East, Kid Leopard vs. Alan Love, X-Fights 2

That green body suit is being stretched to the limit, almost ready to burst at the seams.  This shows why it's best to wear minimal clothing when performing stretches with a friend.
If you are having trouble balancing while in the difficult Swastika Pose, feel free to hold onto a rope to improve your balance.  The most important thing is that you stretch all the muscles to their absolute limit.

From BG East, Mike Columbo vs. Joah Bindao, Submissions 6

Kid Vicious begins by stretching out the other man, who wraps his arm over the ropes.  After clawing the poor guy between the legs, Vicious converts the stretch into the Swastika for maximum stretching pressure.
From BG East, Kid Vicious vs. Derek DaSilva, Ball Bash 1