Gallery 655
Sheer Arrogance

Many pro wrestlers carry themselves with an air of cocky superiority, as if they are better than the rest of us.  Maybe it's their incredible physiques, or maybe it's their ability to beat up and hurt other men, but these wrestlers seem to think they are King of the World!

Chris Champion stands, not on the middle rope, but on the top rope, so fans all over the arena can see and worship his shredded body.  Get down dude, and try to control your big ego.

These chubby dudes stop to display their beefy bodies for the fans, raising their arms in a cocky pose of victory.  The fans in the front row reward the arrogant winners with a nice round of applause.
One of the most arrogant poses in Wrestling is when the grappler lays across the top ropes in the corner, like he is reclining on a bed.  He insults his opponent by looking bored by the competition.

Brent Albright patiently waits for his opponent to get ready to wrestle, laying his smooth body over the ropes like a side of beef.

When a wrestler dares to strike this pose, you almost hope his opponent will rush over and punish him, to teach him some respect for his competition, and for the fans who paid to see some wrestling!

Here is the late, great Eddy Guerrero reclining on the ropes like he has nothing else to worry about.
Josh Goodman is ready to wrestle in his flesh-colored bikini.  But first he leans on one elbow in this interesting beefcake pose, like he is posing for Playgirl or something.

Tyler Black takes a few moments to rest by laying on the bottom rope, flirting with the camera the whole time.  Are those seriously his wrestling trunks, or did he decide to wrestle in his underwear today??

This rookie should just get in the ring and show off his wrestling ability instead of strutting around with his arms raised like the Cock of the Walk.

Before their match, these lean dudes perform a strip dance for the fans, shaking their asses and swinging their dicks around.  They must think they look pretty hot in their red speedos, black boots, and gangster hats.

Mercury and Nitro, wearing their tight jeans and thick belts, have beaten Rey Misterio into submission.  He lies helpless at their feet as the two hunks pose and flex for the fans, arrogantly showing off their power over poor Rey.
The bald dude in long blue tights looks almost too relaxed, with one knee up in the air as he applies the Headlock.  It's almost like he doesn't take his opponent seriously.

Check out Beau Nasty's arrogant cover as he calmly flirts with the camera, his hard body pinning the beaten man to the mat.

This cocky muscle man carries a sign talking about fine tasting sausage while pointing at the bulge in his speedo.  I wonder who in the audience he is inviting for a taste.

Ricky Landell, in his white gear, is exhausted and needs to rest.  The fans are shocked when he takes a seat on some dude's lap.  How cocky of this young man, to sit on another guy like he is a Lazy-Boy!
Barry Windham, wearing his black briefs and cowboy boots, knew how to show off his arrogance even in the way he walked around the ring.  Here he stalks his suffering opponent, his boots in the kid's face, his package hanging over the helpless victim.

This beefy stud is proud that he stripped the belt from the pretty-boy in the red speedo.  He holds the belt up while standing over the dazed opponent.  The beaten man is forced to look up at the winner's crotch.

When Val Venis gets an opponent down on the mat, he likes to perform a little show of domination over the fallen man.  He bumps and grinds over the victim, who watches his big cock bounce around in those tight green trunks. Venis is known as a porn star, but exactly what kinds of porno movies does he star in??

Shawn Spears knows he is a fine looking hottie. Right in the middle of the match, he can't resist flashing a bicep pose for his fans, while his opponent is suffering from Shawn's latest punishment.

This white kid is out-gunned.  He struggles to get to his feet like he just woke up from a wild night, while the big black daddy shows off his freaky power and massive physique.

Before Rob Conway drops a stunning elbow on his fallen opponent, he likes to take a minute to flex his bicep, enjoying the power in his arm before slamming it on the dude's neck.
This chubby dude adds insult to injury by blatantly kneeling on the other man's face.  This is a very humiliating way to pin your opponent, why can't he show some respect here??

Damn, look what Brad is doing to his sexy opponent!!  He plants a stool over the man's throat, pinning him to the mat.  Then Brad sits in the stool, calmly watching the man struggle while his body weight presses down on his neck!

From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs Alexi Adamov, Contract 6

This muscular dude must think his opponent is a bit too cute.  He wipes the sole of his boot on the man's face as if he's scraping off the doggy-doo.  This is a very degrading display!

Ok, the cocky guy in the leather vest has clearly defeated his lean young opponent.  Is it really necessary to stand over him and point in his face to further embarrass him?
Damon knows he has Josh right where he wants him.  He kneels on the cute guy's face and slaps him gently. Damon seems to enjoy doing this to cute white guys.

From BG East, Joshua Goodman vs. Damon Clark, Mathunks 5

Now the hairy brother decides to humiliate his cocky white opponent.  He rubs the victim's nose all over the laces on the front of his trunks.  Why must he turn a friendly wrestling match into some kind of sexual assault!?

From BG East, Joshua Goodman vs. Damon Clark, Mathunks 5

Later Josh is able to escape and return the favor.  He puts Damon away in a kneeling Headscissor, his package hanging just inches over Damon's relaxed face.

From BG East, Joshua Goodman vs. Damon Clark, Mathunks 5

Josh shows the hairy brother how it feels to be degraded.  He flexes his muscles, giving himself a hot show while keeping the pinch on with his legs.  Damon remains out cold, helpless in his master's leg vice.

From BG East, Joshua Goodman vs. Damon Clark, Mathunks 5