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Seeing Eye to Eye

For some wrestling poses -- such as the pre-match stare-down -- the opponents work together.  This face-to-face power struggle usually sets the stage for a very brutal and competitive match as neither man will give an inch.

The older hunk teaches his young opponent some respect, lecturing and degrading the poor kid before the match.  The hunk even opened his jacket to display his hairy chest and bulging speedo so the young punk will be intimidated by his masculine power.
"Sexy-Boy" Shawn Michaels has always seemed a bit confused about his sexual orientation.  Here he really causes fans to wonder as he gets face-to-face with hunky John Cena, who burns with intensity.

Well they say there is a fine line in the brain between loving and hating someone, and I think these dudes may have crossed the line.  Just look at their intense expressions as they continue to explore each other from inches apart!

Chris Benoit is shorter than big Triple H, but the "rabid wolverine" refuses to step back.  I don't know if anyone alive is able to make Benoit turn and run away.
Do we detect fear in the eyes of big Triple H as the Canadian Crippler continues to stare him down without fear.  Benoit should try biting off that big nose.

A brave (or stupid) young wrestler follows Benoit's example by trying to stare down a much larger man.  But this kid is no "Canadian Crippler" so he's probably about to be mangled by this killer for being so cocky.

I think cute Jimmy Rave was just pimp-slapped by this beefy stud in the black trunks.  A stare-down is where two men determine who is the more powerful Alpha Male and Jimmy Rave just showed us where he stands.

I think the blond hottie, Nigel McGuinness, smells fear in his chubby opponent.  It seems very important in Pro Wrestling to get inside the opponent's head, defeating him with intimidation alone to gain his submission before the bell even rings.

These British Bulldogs walked closer and closer together until their speedos were touching.  Now both men can feel the reaction of the opponent as they exchange some heated words in anticipation of their match.
I guess stare-downs are used all over the globe when one man wants to mentally defeat another.  Here are two Jap wrestlers in matching red gear locked in a staring contest.  I'd say the shirtless stud with the big bulge in his speedo is probably going to win this power-struggle.

These Mexican Luchadores are locked in a "Mexican Stand-off", both prepared to clock the opponent in the jaw as soon as the bell rings.

I guess guys who wrestle wearing pink or yellow gear tend to enjoy some intimate flirting before their matches.  Here is a hairy-chested beast about to smooch his long-haired opponent, while a twink in a bikini would rather make out with his buff boy-toy than actually wrestle.

Chris Jericho and Christian are enjoying this so much, they both crack smiles as they try to look fierce and intimidating.  Come on guys, at least wait until the match is over before you start flirting.

Here is Christopher Daniels and his partner in red gear, trying to stare down the hotties from America's Most Wanted. Two stare-downs are better than one!

Both Christopher Daniels and C. M. Punk seem to like holding long staring contests before many of their matches. Here they both seem to be having trouble stopping themselves from cracking up laughing as they stare intensely at each other and make goofy faces.  

Clearly Roderick Strong is no match for the more experienced C. M. Punk.  The taller man forces Roderick to drop his eyes in defeat, sending the message that he is the weaker opponent.

Roderick is still able to over-power and intimidate cute young Spanky.  Here Roderick shakes his finger in Spanky's face like his daddy, while trash-talking him.

Now C. M. Punk and Austin Aries share a moment, trying to stand as close as possible without letting their smooth bodies actually touch.  I'm sure they can feel the heat off each other's skin as less than an inch of space separates them.
When this muscular young Seaman refused to swab the deck, the officer decided to teach him some obedience.  He stands in the brave young sailor's face, pressing his muscular chest into the younger man's body, and trying to stare him into compliance.  I'd like to see what happened next!

During the first week in the dorm, Johnny realized his room-mate was the meanest bully on campus.  Here the cocky dude stands over him on the way to the shower with his robe and pants open to intimidate him. He stares down at Johnny like he's staring at a slab of meat on a plate.  It's going to be a long semester for Johnny if he doesn't figure out how to please the handsome bully!

Neither the cute blond nor the shirtless hottie would back off, and soon they were standing forehead-to-forehead like a pair of love-birds dancing at the junior prom.  Don't the fans realize there is nothing gayer than two men warmly accepting each other in their space like this?

Vampiro and Raven are a pair of wild freaks, and there is no telling what bizarre, sadistic fetishes get these two off. Here the two beasts enjoy some intimacy by pressing their faces together, taking pleasure in the gentle body contact just for a few moments before they begin trying to dis-embowel each other.
Tack does not like the smaller dude with the buzz cut and shoulder tattoo.  When they were paired up as partners in a "luck of the draw" Tag Team tournament, Tack spent the first several minutes getting in the scared kid's face, breathing all over him.

Tack continues to establish his position in control of the smaller kid.  The fans wait patiently while Tack presses the punk in the corner.  Either these two really hate each other or really like each other.

Now their opponents, Crazy J and Lotus wearing the tight blue speedos, enter the ring.  The in-your-face power struggle continues with the new guys trying to get their opponents to back down.

Check out cute Lotus press his forehead against Tack's face while his partner Crazy J gains the upper hand over his opponent.  These stare downs are sometimes hotter than watching the men actually wrestle each other because of the intimacy that passes between the opponents!