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Face to Face Embrace

The Bearhug is one of the simplest and sexiest holds in Wrestling.  You just throw your arms around the other dude's waist and squeeze him tight.

From BG East, Toro LaPina vs. Troy Baker, Mat-Hunks 2

Here are two Bears enjoying to Bear-hugging.  It doesn't look like the victim is trying too hard to break free of the attacker's embrace as he throws his arms around the bigger hunk's shoulders.
The huge wrestlers use the Bearhug to display their strength.  Big Boss Man was a giant ass-kicker, but he is no match for the massive Barbarian's squeeze.

Big Boss Man usually wrestled in his uniform shirt, but I bet he wishes he was stripped to the waist so he could experience that hot body contact against the Barbarian's bare chest.

These dudes are wearing boxing gloves, but it looks like they'd rather rassle than box.  The little stud in white briefs crushes his opponent, who moans and whimpers in his ear.

When these thugs see a hottie walking down the street, they like to rip his shirt off and pass him around from bully to bully for some rib-crushing Bearhugs.
This stud doesn't enjoy being squeezed up high around his lungs, so he attempts to choke his opponent to escape.  He may learn that it's more fun sometimes to relax and enjoy the pain and pleasure of the Bearhug.

Here is the great Cyclone, who is featured in this week's Bonus Gallery, suffering in Spider-man's deadly embrace and loving every minute of it.

Mike Columbo is known for his powerful Hugs.  No one escapes once his gets his arms locked around them, as this hottie in the green thong soon learns.  He struggles but can't manage to break Columbo's hug.

From BG East, Mike Columbo vs. Jimmy Gee, Fantasymen 28

Some guys attack your face and neck when you Bearhug them, so you can protect yourself by pressing your cheek against the victim's chest.  Plus this is a sexy, intimate position to be held in.

Nice pose of suffering by this big guy in the singlet.  He lets out a groan and throws his hands up as if he is begging for mercy while the muscular blond increases the pressure.

Sexy Brad Armstrong cringes in pain and clenches his fist as his nearly-naked body is abused by some punisher.  The best expression of agony is one that resembles having an orgasm.
Big John Studd, the giant wearing the white tights, loved to win his matches by a Bearhug.  I'm not sure if he took pleasure from the victim's helpless screams, or he was addicted to the chest-to-chest body contact, as most guys are.

Instead of circling his arms around the victim's waist, Studd had the size and strength to embrace the victim's upper arms as well, trapping him completely for an unbreakable squeeze.

Studd bounces his victim up and down, shaking him around like he's a dirty rug.  The ref steps in to see if the victim is unconscious yet.

This big stud is proud of the power in his upper body. He flexes his impressive physique, eager for any opponent to climb in the ring so he can crush the dude into submission.

From BG East, Kid Brock vs. J-Rock, Gutbash 4

The muscle-man grits his teeth as he hugs some Tarzan wanna-be in leopard trunks.  The Tarzan stud is muscular too, but he can't resist the amazing power in the hottie's hug.

Groaning in pain, Tarzan grows weak in his master's embrace.  He'll have to admit that, although he is strong, the other hunk is even stronger.

From BG East, Kid Brock vs. J-Rock, Gutbash 4
Sometimes it looks more erotic when lean wrestlers, who aren't known for their power and size, use the Bearhug to punish the competition.  The cute victim moans in agony as Kid Vicious lives up to his name.

From BG East, Kid Vicious vs. Steven Thomas, Gutbash 5

The victim tosses back his head and lets his arms hang loose, just allowing the sadistic opponent to punish him.  Like many guys, he doesn't even want to escape from this hot hold because he enjoys the body contact.

Kid Vicious enjoys the suffering on his cute victim's face. He begins to grind against the hunk, speedo to speedo, as he watches the victim beg for mercy and moan in agony.

From BG East, Kid Vicious vs. Steven Thomas, Gutbash 5