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Double Trouble

The "Double Headscissor" is when two wrestlers both apply a Headscissor at the same time, crushing with their legs to win the Test of Leg Strength.

As one dude increases the pressure with his legs, the opponent returns the favor, slowly raising the pain until the weaker man is forced to submit. They enjoy the mutual pain and pleasure of a Double Headscissor.
It's not often you see a "Double Headscissor" in the pro wrestling ring, but it happened in this classic match.  The guys at ringside are all shocked at these tactics but can't peel their eyes off the beefy men in the ring.

Like most good old-fashioned Rasslin' matches, the grapplers take their time, holding the pressure on the opponent for several minutes, until the dudes at ringside are squirming in their seats.

Finally the beefy man mounts his victim's face in a "69" position.  The gents in the second and third row crane their necks so they don't miss a moment of this rare action in the ring.

Last week we saw Josh Goodman destroy several opponents with his Scissors, including Brad.  But now Brad gets revenge by also applying a Headscissor.

From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs Josh Goodman, Fantasymen 19

Mikey Vee, in the blue square-cuts, thought he could humiliate Doug Warren by crushing him down near his crotch.  But Warren returns the favor, and both opponents are forced to smell each other.

From BG East, Mikey Vee vs. Doug Warren, Wrestler Spotlight: Doug Warren
Here is a white wrestler and black wrestler joined together, their legs wrapped around the other man's neck as they battle for domination.

From BG East, Daniel Jones vs. Andy Bailey, Matmen 9

The white dude rolls on top, but the brother continues to apply crushing pressure with his legs as they grind against each other.

From BG East, Daniel Jones vs. Andy Bailey, Matmen 9

Another white wrestler is engaged in a struggle for domination with a black opponent, his pale flesh grinding against the darker man's lean body.

Kid Leopard isn't often beaten, but Alan Love uses his strong thighs to control the Leopard, forcing the man's face into his bulging package.

From BG East, Kid Leopard vs. Alan Love, X-Fights 2

This is very degrading for a man who usually dominates his opponents, to have his mouth on the stronger man's balls, unable to escape that vise-like grip.

Finally Kid Leopard takes control of the situation by also locking his legs around the opponent's neck for a Scissor Contest.  Soon Kid will have this Alan Love groaning for mercy.

From BG East, Kid Leopard vs. Alan Love, X-Fights 2
The stud on top is slowly clenching and relaxing, slowly milking the strength out of his trapped opponent like a Boa Constrictor.

From BG East, Jake Denham vs. Ken Damon, Manhattan Matmen

Finally the victim on the bottom loses his power and the stud in the tight-ass blue speedo is able to escape his Headscissor.  Now the bottom guy is in trouble!

Just because this dude in black gear is on top does not mean he is winning this Headscissor Battle.  The bottom man can straighten his legs and put the top man to sleep.

This stud appears to be inserting his head between his victim's legs, encouraging the bottom guy to Headscissor him too.  Maybe he enjoys being crushed while doing the same to his opponent.

From BG East, Dane Tarsen vs. Leo Lessard, Brit Bouts 2

These studs have been enjoying this Double Headscissor position for over an hour, neither man willing to release his leg grip while they both enjoy the pressure on the sides of their face.

The stud on the bottom is feeling his opponent's strong hamstrings and glutes as the pressure is applied.  Which dude will be forced to admit that he is the weaker man?

From BG East, Jonah Richards vs. Brett Page, Raunchy Rookies 4

As they roll to their sides, the stud facing the camera winces in pain, his neck crushed between those powerful thighs.  Meanwhile he tightly pinches the other man's neck between his knees in a brual Scissor.

From BG East, Jonah Richards vs. Brett Page, Raunchy Rookies 4