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Good Man Scissor

Josh Goodman, one of the hottest young grapplers in BG East, seems to use punishing Head Scissors in every match.

From BG East, Josh Goodman vs. Jack Guerin, Wrestleshack 10

The stud in white and blue tries to bridge out, so Joshua pounds his abs.  Josh is obsessed with wrapping his legs around another dude's neck!
Here is sexy Josh before his first match against Brad Rochelle.  Damn, this kid is ripped!  Not only is his upper body chiseled and hard, but his legs look like they could crush a beer keg.

From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs Josh Goodman, Fantasymen 19

Once on the mat, Josh wastes no time in locking a nice Reverse Headscissor on Brad's neck. Brad flexes and struggles but can not escape that vise-like grip.

Brad flips onto his knees to attempt an escape, but Josh is a power-house, calmly maintaining the pressure with his thighs.  I'd say he's scissored at least a few dozen other dudes in his past!

In the end, Brad is defeated by the younger stud's amazing thighs.  Brad kneels in defeat as powerful Josh poses over him in victory, one foot planted on his shoulder.

From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs Josh Goodman, Fantasymen 19

Next, the Master of the Scissor decided to crush young Marcello Muscle in his deadly grip.  He leans on one elbow and squeezes the air out of Marcello in a face-down position.

From BG East, Joshua Goodman vs. Marcello, Wrestleshack 10

Later, Goodman rolls to a sitting position and applies a Rear Headscissor, flexing every muscle including his ripped abs, to hurt poor Marcello.

Marcello bravely tries to separate those massive thighs by pulling them with his hands.  He has no chance against Joshua's power!  He might as well be pulling apart steel beams that have fallen on his neck!

Young Marcello is forced to submit to the stud's amazing leg strength.  Either he admits Josh is the better man, or he risks being crushed into a deep sleep by those relentless thigh muscles, milking his strength with every flex.

Once again, Goodman strikes a pose over his defeated Squeeze-Toy.  Marcello lies helpless under his foot as Josh displays his amazing physique.

From BG East, Joshua Goodman vs. Marcello, Wrestleshack 10
Lately, Josh has beefed up with some even thicker muscle.  Here he is posing for the camera, looking sexy in white gear as he prepares to climb in the ring with "Rick the Prick."

From BG East, Joshua Goodman vs. Rick The Prick, Ringwars 12

Not long into the match, Josh takes control with a very sexy Smother-Scissor, his victim's face just inches from the tight white speedo.

The Scissor-God is just toying with poor Rick now!  He begins a series of push-ups, every movement twisting and crushing the opponent's trapped neck.

OUCH!!   Now cruel Josh stretches out on the mat and straightens his legs.  Poor Rick is growing limp as the blood-flow to his brain is cut off by Joshua's relentless scissoring.

I think Josh is using the ropes for extra leverage.  He tests his victim's limp arm to see if he is out cold yet.

From BG East, Joshua Goodman vs. Rick The Prick, Ringwars 12

Poor Rick has been mastered and tamed by those massive thighs, clamped tightly on both sides of his neck.  He is almost forced to kiss Joshua's ball-sack.

At this point, Josh has established himself as the Master.  He begins to trash-talk his defeated boy, further humiliating the victim by making him admit that he is weaker than Josh.
Just for fun, Josh twists his hard body to the side, grinding and humping with his hips to further torture and degrade his defeated victim.  No one is able to break the deadly scissors applied by this hunk!

Josh rises to his knees, once again showing off his body in an arrogant victory pose.  He knows he has an amazing body, and he knows that nobody can escape his powerful Scissor, so he takes some time to flex and act cocky.

This is embarrasing for poor Rick!  Joshua's dick is hanging over Rick's mouth just a few inches away, but he is forced to lay there and obediently accept this humiliation.

From BG East, Joshua Goodman vs. Rick The Prick, Ringwars 12

Looking like an anatomy chart in his flesh-colored bikini, Josh returns to the amateur mat to take on Marco Guerra.

From BG East, Joshua Goodman vs. Marco Guerra, Wrestler Spotlight: Joshua Goodman 

When you see a stud posing on one elbow like this, his legs sprawled open like an invitation, you better beware of his scissoring power.  Wrestlers who pose like this usually enjoy crushing dudes with their legs!
Sure enough, Josh soon traps Marco, wearing the white bikini, in his humiliating Smother Scissor.

Damn, I'd say Josh has been working out his legs!  He straightens his long, powerful legs and his thigh muscles flex like twisted steel cables, crushing poor Marco's neck in between.

With his face turning red either from exertion or embarassment, Marco claws at those powerful tree-trunk thighs.  But Joshua calmly maintains his crushing force.

From BG East, Joshus Goodman vs. Marco Guerra, Wrestler Spotlight: Joshua Goodman 

Here is the stud in a yellow speedo, his package bulging out prominently.  He poses for our inspection just before getting down on the mat with Damon Clark.

From BG East, Josh Goodman vs. Damon Clark, Mat Hunks 5

Joshua is getting creative with his Scissors, testing new variations all the time.  Against Damon, he uses a very tight Figure 4 variation of the Smother Scissor.

Great shot of Joshua's long, ripped body as he increases the pressure on Damon's trapped neck, his bulge slapping Josh in the chin every time he moves.
Josh reaches back to grab his own ankle for additonal leverage, which draws Damon's face tighter into his groin.  This causes an expression of pure ecstasy and pleasure on Joshua's face.

From BG East, Josh Goodman vs. Damon Clark, Mat Hunks 5

How can Damon breathe in this relentless Smother Scissor??  His neck is pinched in Joshua's crotch, and his mouth is buried under the stud's balls and cock. blocking his oxygen.

Damon is forced to smell his master's scent with every breath he takes.  As he grows limp and helpless, Damon reaches up to feel Joshua's pec.  

I'm not sure why Damon is playing with Josh's nipple.  Maybe he is trying to distract the stud from scissoring, or maybe this is his way of showing his submission to the powerful hunk.

Damn!!  Cocky Josh rises to his knees in the deadly Kneeling Figure 4 variation of the Headscissor, probably the tightest Scissor ever invented.  He tests the victim's limp arm as poor Damon is crushed into a deep sleep.

From BG East, Josh Goodman vs. Damon Clark, Mat Hunks 5

Josh looks down at his victim's limp face, using his body weight and the power in his thighs to finish off the victim. Damon has been mastered, broken and enslaved by Joshua's deadly legs.

The match is over, but Josh is not finished humiliating his defeated boy.  He sits on Damon's face, again letting his big nut-sack rest on Damon's chin as he flexes his bicep in victory and shows off as usual.  Someone needs to teach this cocky stud a lesson, but his legs are just too strong!

From BG East, Josh Goodman vs. Damon Clark, Mat Hunks 5
Here is Joshua in his latest bout in the pro ring against a sexy young jobber named Rocco.  Josh easily takes control in his favorite Scissor variation, the Crotch to Face Scissor!

From BG East, Rocco vs. Josh Goodman, Jobberpaloozer 7

Stretching out the kid's arm, Josh reaches down and claws the sensitive meat between his arm pit and chest.  The victim howls in pain but cruel Josh ignores him.

Josh leans in to press his balls against the kid's face.  He seems to enjoy forcing his manhood into his opponents' faces.

Yet another jobber goes limp between Goodman's crushing thigh muscles.  Josh has learned how to use his big package to smother his opponents by pressing it over their mouths.

Josh takes his usual seat of domination on his latest victim's chest, resting his balls on the dude's chin.  Yet another pretty-boy has learned to respect and worship this stud's power.

From BG East, Rocco vs. Josh Goodman, Jobberpaloozer 7