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Heel Squash

They say is ain't whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.  One ruthless and vicious way to play the game is to grab another man's feet, spread his legs, and step all your weight on his poor nuts to crush them.

The wrestler in silver shorts grabs the boots of the wrestler in gold shorts, and grinds his heel into the man's gonads, totally destroying him.
Here is a shot to the balls from the Golden Age, as the cruel foreigner slams his tall leather boot into the other man's lower belly, possibly crushing his balls under the heel of the boot.

I think this is Tom Zenk, rolled up in a ball in his red speedo and white boots.  The opponent steps his white boot on Zenk's most vulnerable area.

These lads are working together to destroy their victim's manhood.  Each man grabs and ankle and splits the boy open, followed by a boot to each nut.

Some punk puts this stud out with a tight Sleeper.  As he slips into dream-land, the other bully smiles and grinds his foot into the dude's green bikini.  This is brutal!

In this tag team match, one partner stands on the beaten man's nuts to disable him, while the other partner keeps the opponent in the matching singlet outside the ropes.
Here is a masked stud gripping his forehead in agony while his opponent in the blue speedo slowly steps more and more weight onto his crotch.

This close-up shows the trauma a man's package can experience when the weight of a wrestling shoe steps down full force on the nut-sack!  Do NOT try this at home!

This brother begs his white opponent for mercy, but the white dude staps on his crotch anyway, pulling his feet wide apart to expose his testicles.

This dude, exhasted in the corner of the ring, has had enough pain for one day.  His relentless opponent hangs on the ropes, pressing a foot into the man's crotch.

From BG East, Mike Columbo vs. Ramon Dacosta, Demolition 3

You can tell that this hottie in the red speedo has landed a boot to Brad's ball-sack judging from the expression of pure agony contorting the pretty-boy's face.

From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Joe Mazetti, Hunkbash 6
Wow, this dude really goes the extra distance, splitting the man's boots as far apart as they will stretch. The victim howls for mercy, knowing what is coming next.

From BG East, Liam Ryan vs. Iain Scott, Brit Bouts 2

Sure enough, he plants that cool wrestling boot on the man's bulge, grinding his foot from side to side like he is crushing out a cigarette.

From BG East, Liam Ryan vs. Iain Scott, Brit Bouts 2

This guy places his hands over his precious family jewels to protect his nuts from abuse.  Sorry dude, that is not enough protection against another man's boot!

The attacker locks his foot against the victim's crotch and takes a seat, throwing his body back repeatedly to jar the poor guy's balls.

He smiles and whips his long hair around, jerking his body back like a piston.  The victim slaps the mat and scream his submission over and over.

The cruel stud grins as he continues to work his boot tighter and tighter into the other man's ball-sack.  He thinks this is funny, to hear another man scream for mercy.

The poor guy rolls around on the mat, clutching his aching balls as that sickening feeling washes over him that most men know all too well.  The dirty cheater struts around the ring in proud victory.
This lean young grappler gains the advantage using one of the nastiest moves in Pro Wrestling.  He slams his blue high-top into the helpless guy's open groin.

Again he presses his foot into the man's package.  He can't seem to get enough of this, playing footsie with the other guy's groin long after he submitted.

This stud in the blue speedo invited his buddy over for some bedroom wrestling.  He told his pal that he always wanted to be abused by a vicious masked man, so his buddy bought a hot mask on-line.  They stand chest to chest and jockey for position.

The masked stud easily takes control of the situation, throwing the willing jobber down on the bed where he belongs.  He orders his boy-toy to lay still and accept his punishment.

Both men are enjoying this re-enactment of a scene they've seen in hundreds of Pro Wrestling matches, where the heel slowly pries his victim's legs open, asking the crowd if he ought to attack the balls.

The jobber throws himself back on the bed, cringing in agony like the pretty-boys he has seen suffering in the ring many, many times.  The masked hottie is in control now and will do whatever he wants to his boy-toy.
Here are another pair of buds enjoying some hot recreational Pro Wrestling, this time out in the garage.  What better fun can you have on a Saturday afternoon than lacing on the boots with a like-minded wrestling fan and getting your rocks off to some fantasy Pro-style punishment??

He presses that sexy leather boot into his pal's crotch, torturing the beefy jobber just like the bad-ass heels they were watching on tape earlier.  This action is fun to watch and jack off to, but even more fun to act out with another Pro Wrestling addict.

The tables are turned as the dude in red takes control of the cruel heel, showing him how it feels to have someone stand on your balls.  It's always fun to take turns being the stud in control, so both dudes get a chance to feel the pleasure of being man-handled and humiliated by a stronger man.