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Atomic Bomb

The "Atomic Drop" is apparently a legal way to attack the other man's balls.  This muscle man in blue tights was hoisted up in his opponent's arms, then dropped crotch-first onto his bent knee!

The young German wrestlers seem to get into some kinky action.  The grappler wearing the leather harness embraces his opponent in white pants and gives the kid a ride on his knee.
Here is a dramatic sketch of one of the Road Warriors preparing to destroy the manhood of one of the Fabulous Ones.  He hoists the other muscle-stud up on his shoulder and begins to bend one knee for a crash landing.

This kid is clearly no match for big beefy Dino Bravo.  The Canadian strong-man parades around the ring with his boy-toy in his arms while his manager waves the Quebec flag in victory.  

This hottie in the pink zebra suffers the inverted variation of the Atomic Drop where both wrestlers face in the same direction, and the impact is focused on the tailbone rather than the crotch.

From BG East, Bulldog Barzini vs. Tim Walton, Big 'N Beefy 3

This shirtless hottie positions his knee so it catches the opponent in the black tights just below the balls, so he can break the dude's tailbone and testicles at the same time.

The bare-chested stud applying the Atomic Drop seems to be in pain judging from the expression on his face.  Actually the victim getting his nuts crushed against his knee is the one in agony.

Those tight, shiny black trunks offer little protection for this big dude's balls when C.M. Punk drops his body weight across one knee.  That big stud better have a cup on or he will be singing soprano for a while!

The Atomic Drop is actually an excellent way to prevent these wrestlers from having kids in every small town they visit.  This kid in pink won't be able to get it up for at least a week after being crotched on the other man's knee.
You can almost hear this victim screaming "NO! NO! PLEASE DON'T DO IT!" as he is set up for the dreaded Atomic Drop.  He knows his nuts are about to be slammed up inside to about his belly button once this stud drops to one knee.

Austin Aries is this young Indy wrestler with the unusual beard and large tattoo on his left arm.  His rock solid body is about to fall onto the other man's thigh.  He looks like a skate-boarded who falls while trying to ride across a railing.

After that nut-buster, poor Austin can't handle any more punishment.  He cowers in the corner begging for mercy and trying to catch his breath, with his chest sore and bright red from earlier attacks.

I like the expression of shock and agony on this dude's face as his most vulnerable body part crashes down on the other man's bent knee, his balls bouncing like pinballs off a bumper.

Back in the 1980's, Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper wrestled on MTV in "The War to Settle The Score."  Hogan scoops up Piper, who spreads his legs to give the MTV viewers a nice shot of his groin.

CRACK!!  Piper's manhood is busted on Hogan's knee.  Now the Rowdy One is humiliated, forced to strut around the ring gripping his nuts and shaking his ass with his knees pressed together like a girl in a tight skirt.
I believe Rick Rude grew up with Brady Boone in Robbinsdale Minnesota.  I guess their friendship is over as Rude tries to split his former classmate in two pieces, Atomic Dropping his tight ass over the knee.

I can't believe that this hold, which clearly targets a man's most sensitive area, is still legal.  They should outlaw this nut-cracking brutality.  

Tito Santana is sporting his bright white gear with the lightning bolts.  Big Greg Valentine loved to beat down cute jobber-boys and Santana is no exception.

"AAHHHH!  My Cahones!"  Tito bends over and grips his balls as the beefy blond stands there in his face, his trunks barely able to contain his massive body.

Tito is really hurt!  He drops to the mat still stroking and massaging his crotch region trying to catch his breath.  This is why this nasty hold ought to be out-lawed!