Gallery 567
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Some bold cheaters simply reach down, grip their opponent's package, and squeeze the man into submission. This is the ultimate in male domination!

The dude in the lavender shorts howls in pain as his laughing opponent destroys his manhood.  The poor victim will not experience sexual pleasure for weeks after this crotch abuse!

From BG East, Greg Leary vs Buster Bergeron, Matmen 7
Even in amateur wrestling, some dirty grapplers go for the nuts.  This cute guy in the red shorts has no defense against his opponent's dreaded Crotch-Cradle.

The same cutie in red shorts now faces a hard-ass black dude, who also shoots in and attacks the groin.  Why do his opponents' keep going for the low blow?  Maybe it is his sexy red shorts combined with his handsome looks.

The brother continues to use the groin attachs, this time blatantly reaching in and milking his opponent to distract him.  This is illegal, he must stick to traditional wrestling holds!

You don't often see Crotch Claws in the pro ring, right in front of the fans, but it does happen.  This brute in the black singlet quickly gains control of the pretty-boy, while all the dudes in the audience gasp and cross their legs.

Kurt Angle actually looks small compared to this massive giant.  Kurt knows how to even the score when fighting a much larger man. He grabs a handful of the big beast's meat and leads him around the ring by the balls, like a doggie on a leash.

The famous Luchadore, Texano, is being abused in the corner by two Mexican villains.  They drape him on the ropes and one dirty hombre reaches between his thighs to crush his nuts.
Sexxxy Eddie is gaining popularity on the Indy scene, especially for the skimpy underwear that he likes to wrestle in.

It's probably not a good idea to climb in the ring wearing such revealing gear!  These shiny leopard briefs are just an invitation to the opponent to attack his low-hanging balls!

Sure enough, the action spills out of the ring, and the fans in attendance watch in horror as the attacker yanks Eddie around by the scrotum.

During their intense stare-down, both of these studs reached over for a handful of nut-sack.  Now they are having a contest to see who can withstand the tighter squeeze.

Whoa, there is more going on here than a ball-crush contest!  Are these horny hunks going to wrestle or start making out??
The dude in the yellow bikini cheats by pulling hair.  His opponent fights fire with fire, reaching in to crush some testicles.  Paybacks are a bitch, dude.

These ripped dudes both wore gloves, maybe so they can get a better grip on the opponent's package.  The dude in black briefs kneels on his opponent to subdue him, so he can work over the victim's family jewels.

This muscular hottie reaches his whole hand under the victim's baby-blue bikini.  He fishes around in there like he is looking for his lost car keys or something.

I like this drawing of a dirty Injun reaching up under his opponent's singlet.  The artist really captured the expression of shock and helpless fear that a dude feels when someone suddenly grips him by the package.
As usual, the Brooklyn Bodywrecker uses a combination of pain and pleasure to take control of his opponent.  Their eyes are locked together as he chokes the kid on the ropes while slowly tightening his grip on the dude's balls.

This jobber is prepared to obey whatever his Master orders him to do.  "Yes sir, I am your slave now. I will do anything you ask, Master."

Meanwhile, the stud in control is an expert at ball torture. He continues to work on the groin, juggling and yanking on the victim's nuts, slowly increasing the pressure.

This dude in the black speedo lies flat on the mat, allowing the other wrestler to work on his crotch and nipple.  He must be enjoying this double attack so much, he doesn't try to stop it.

This sadistic dude combines his ab-stretching Guillotine with a cruel Ball Claw, causing the victim to scream in agony.

Let's zoom in for a closer look at the illegal tactics as his grip tightens on the victim's most sensitive area.  With his arms trapped in the Guillotine, the poor guy can't even defend himself!
This guy decided to wrestle in a tight red bikini.  This only entices his opponent to attack his bulging package.  It's like waving a red blanket in front of an angry bull!

The victim drops to his knees, trying to catch his breath, but the sadistic attacker does not lose his grip on those throbbing balls.  He continues to knead and twist and squeeze the poor opponent.

This bastard is relentless!  He hasn't stopped crushing the other man's balls in his grip since the match began.  The poor victim can't withstand brutal tactics like this!

The dark-haired stud in black boots knows how to subdue the cute blond in white gear.  He Guillotines the kid and reaches in to squeeze his nuts like lemons.

The brutal twisting and crushing continues as he stretches out the blondie's body and massages his bulging white trunks.  The kid tries to rip his opponent's hand off his scrotum.
The kid in the singlet is accustomed to amateur style wrestling.  Imagine his shock when the tough kid in the gold shorts reaches in for a handful of scrotum.

The kid in the singlet is at his opponent's mercy, dragged around the ring by the nuts.  He doubles over in agony and continues to scream for mercy before he is ruined, unable to ever have children.

The white wrestler knows the black dude is much stronger, so he takes the advantage by scissoring the brother and crushing his ballsack in his fist.

As he continues to pull and squeeze, milking the brother's cock in his fist, he learns that it is true that black guys are much larger than white guys.
This hottie in blue trunks must have angered his two opponents, because they are Double-Teaming him without mercy!  One renders him helpless in a Full Nelson while the other applies a deadly Groin Grab.

The muscle-stud is dragged to his feet in a Double Hammerlock, forced to stand at attention while the cruel attacker continues to slap, punch, grab, and twist his ball-sack.

The poor victim just wants to collapse on the mat and massage his aching balls, but the two bullies will not let him.  He is held up and restrained for more ball-busting.