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Face The Truth

The "Face Pin" is a very cocky way to finish off a match, pun intended.  This big, sweaty muscle man is barely contained by his tight trunks, yet he pins the helpless opponent by practically sitting right on his face!

You didn't often see humiliating erotic moves like this in the classic days of pro wrestling, but once in a while, the grapplers would give the fans a treat.  This stud almost looks like he is forcing himself on his beaten opponent sexually as he tells the ref to get down and count.
Even the ultra-macho Mexican Luchadores will sometimes use these nasty tactics to defeat their opponent while showing the fans who the top doggie is.

 The caption says something like:

"They did what they could, but in spite of that, the Masked Men triumphed.  Hurricane in action."

Now a masked wrestler's face is forced up into his opponent's wide-open crotch right in front of all the fans! These wrestlers really need to learn to respect each other in the ring;  this could damage a man's self-esteem!

This ripped dude in the yellow bikini is blatantly sitting right on the other man's face, his balls covering the poor dude's mouth and nose!  This is a nasty way to beat a man!

I can't believe this, the poor victim can't breathe under there!  He is calmly smothering this poor guy who can't even beg for mercy with that yellow banana stuffed in his mouth!

This Face Pin has gone on far too long!  I think the guy passed out from lack of oxygen!  The stud in the yellow bikini must be enjoying the feeling of domination over the helpless man, so he refuses to get off.
This pro wrestler can not stand the humiliation and embarrassment of being beaten by the effeminate pretty-boy's patented "Hummer Pin." All the fans are laughing at him as he struggles to get the other dude's scrotum out of his mouth.

Even in amateur wrestlling, if you roll on the mat long enough, you will eventually end up with someone's nut-sack in your face.  This poor kid's whole family came to watch him in the state tournament, only to see him utterly degraded by a stronger opponent.

Ok, he already pinned the opponent.  I really don't think it was necessary to slide forward to cover the man's entire eyes, mouth, and nose with those red tights!
Chris Geary takes his rightful seat of mastery on his opponent's face.  He plays marbles against the dude's chin, slamming his shooters against his pearly whites over and over.


Once again Geary uses his wrestling opponent as a Lazy Boy recliner, this time forcing the guy to taste his shiny white bikini.


When they were sent out-of-town on a construction job, they were forced to share a hotel room.  The stud in the red shirt was so sick of his co-worker bossing him around, he decided to teach the dude some respect and obedience.

Next the stud spins around and sits with his ass on the annoying co-worker's face.  He's not getting off until the other guy agrees to obey his every command for the rest of the trip.
This lad is enjoying that amazing, powerful buzz that young guys feel when wrestling with a pal and sitting on his chest for the first time.

This dude gets to find out what denim tastes like.  Who didn't enjoy wrestling around with buddies, taking turns sitting on top, enjoying those exciting feelings of domination and submission while growing up?

Yet another young buck can't help but smile as he looks down at his pal's face, trapped between his thighs.  You almost never see a Face Pin in pro or amateur wrestling, but it seems to be the most common pinning position when guys are just rassling around for fun and pleasure.

Whoa, great bodies on these studs!  The guy being pinned can't take a breath without inhaling the manly scent of the stud in the blue bikini.
I wonder what hurts this bald dude worse:  having his ankles bent down near his ears, or being used as a sex toy by the cocky young punk in the aqua briefs.

The Face Pin is really a very degrading and disgusting pose of submission by the loser, accepting the other man's junk in his face. Yet according to websites and Yahoo groups on the subject, thousands of guys would enjoy nothing better than having someone sit right on them.

The blond pretty-boy decided to try a career in Pro Wrestling.  Little did he know the promoter would put him in the ring against a perverted Latino thug who seems to enjoy humiliating him by humping his face in front of all the fans.

When this long-haired stud wrestles, he loves to count how many times he can force his opponent to kiss his package.  This poor kid is already up to 26 crotch kisses.
This guy can twist his head away all he wants. Troy Baker clearly has the superior power and will eventually force this dude to worship him by submitting to the Face Pin.