Gallery 509
Go For A Spin

This brute smiles as he watches the pretty boy in white cringe in agony from the Spinning Toe Hold.  The kid begs for mercy, but that only makes the brute want to punish him more.

Here is a classic image of one wrestler trying to snap the other wrestler's leg.  He applies the Spinning Toe Hold, then kneels down for greater leverage.

A veteran daddy teaches his boy how to punish another man by slapping on the kneeling variation of the Toe Hold. The lad slaps the mat but the sadistic older man wants to teach him some respect first.
I wonder if the older veteran feels humiliated, forced to beg the muscular rookie for mercy.  "AHHH!  Please don't break my leg, kid!  I'll do whatever you say!!"

Check out this beefy blond brute, trying to crack that leg off so he can take it home for a souvenir.

All the men in the Funk family were masters of the Spinning Toe Hold, and loved to make their opponents cry in agony.  Here Dory Funk tries to snap Harley Race's knee.

Funk loved to release the hold, then spin around again and slap it on harder, then release and spin again.  He'd twirl around over and over until the victim was begging for the bell to ring.

Later in his career, Harley Race is again beaten by the Funk Spinning Toe Hold, this time applied by young Terry Funk.  Terry follows the family tradition with the Spin and Release method.

As Terry locks this opponent's boot between his thighs, he bends over to feel the dude's pec muscles.  This will also keep the opponent helplessly pinned to the mat.
This hairy brute applies a Stepover Toe Hold, then reaches back to rip El Medico's sexy white mask off.  The ref must also be from "Parts Unknown" because he will not allow the unmasking to continue.

This cute young Indy star is Joey Ryan.

Here is handsome young Joey in wrestling action, gritting his teeth as he punishes some blond bully's leg in the dreaded Spinning Toe Hold.
This looks like a scene from a Japanese video game.  I guess wrestling Video Games are now featuring hot holds like the Spinning Toe Hold!  I better go buy a PlayStation or GameCube or whatever!!

Here are some lean young Jap wrestlers, rolling around in tight speedos that barely cover their private parts as usual.  The fans at ringside are busy snapping photos of these young hunks as usual also.

What will happen when these muscle-Gods square off in the ring?  Al Perez is the bearded Latin Heart-Throb with the ripped body and killer attitude.  Curtis Thompson is the ultimate Muscle Jobber, with a massive physique, cute looks, and a tendency to scream for mercy and slap the mat.

Al Perez is also a master of the deadly Spinning Toe Hold.  With a sadistic look in his eyes, he prepares to lock up with Curtis Thompson, who is wearing a tight black speedo.

Perez hooks the muscle-jobber's leg in his crotch and begins to rock and grind, humping that strong leg to punish it. Thompson grips his hair in agony and frustration as his leg is nearly broken off.

The struggle of the body-builders in black trunks continues as Perez humps that leg like a horny dog.  Thompson screams his submission like a whipped puppy and the bell rings.

His manager raises his arm in victory and the Latin Heart-Throb stands in proud victory over the beaten muscle man.