Gallery 842
Full Nelson Art

One of the most popular wrestling holds for artists to draw (besides Bearhugs and Sleepers) is the Full Nelson.  Here are some great Nelson drawings by some very talented artists...

British lads were lucky to grow up reading Johnny Cougar comics about a Native American pro wrestler.  Check out the huge arms that the artist drew on both Johnny and his powerful opponent.

Superman locks a Full Nelson on some muscular rival named Captain Thunder.  The helpless victim will now have to obey the Man of Steel who is ordering him to "do what you have to do!"

This is like the sketches you drew in your Chemisty notebook to get through those boring lectures!  The artist focuses on the exposure of the victim's hard body.  

With his arms immobilized, all he can do is stand there on display, his mid-section stretched out, his package exposed, until the attacker feels like releasing it.

A shirtless wrestler traps his opponent down on the grass, pressing his face in the dirt, and then mounts him.  I wonder what comic book this hot scene is from, and how many young men became wrestling fans after reading it.

Many artists who draw Full Nelsons seem to enjoy a contrast between the wrestlers' bodies. This typical blue-eyed baby-face is under the control of a black opponent, so there is a comparison drawn between the dominant black body and the helpless, exposed white body.

Here is another white pretty-boy getting owned by a stronger black hunk.  The victim is helpless thanks to the Full Nelson, unable to use his arms.  Damn, this artist sure knows how to draw muscles on a dude!!

Here the artist features a contrast between Hairy (dominant) and Smooth (submissive) bodies.  The more masculine man is almost like an ape with that thick body hair.  The smaller, weaker, hairless man in the striped bikini is powerless in his grip.

Now we see a smooth wrestler trapping a furry beast and making him suffer in the dreaded Full Nelson.  I would guess that this artist has a thing for hairy, beefy bears wearing skimpy gear, but hey, who doesn't??

This drawing honors the power of huge black body-builders by depicting a manly Test of Strength.  Can the attacker maintain his grip as the victim flexes his huge shoulder and bicep muscles?

This aggressive grappler applies both a Body Scissor and a Full Nelson.  This is by an artist named Matt who was awesome at drawing muscle men and wrestling scenes.  
Here is yet another erotic comic book scene designed to stir up wrestling fantasies in its young readers.  The terrified woman is tied up as a ripped blond hunk wearing just a loin-cloth punishes some ape with his Full Nelson.  Bondage and beastiality -- this sure beats Jughead and Archie comics!

Another artist features the shredded jungle stud forcing some ape to cry uncle in his punishing Full Nelson.  Here the contrast is clearly between man and animal, smooth human flesh vs. hairy beast.

A talented artist provided a front view and back view of this hot hold.  Judging from their tented trunks, I'd say the grapplers in the first drawing really enjoy wrestling.

Many wrestling fans enjoy seeing Nelsons because there is nowhere to hide.  You are totally stretched and on display.  If you get turned on by feeling the other man's strong arms around your shoulders, everyone is going to see it.

A Japanese artist shows the victim with a big bulge in his trunks as he feels the effects of the Full Nelson.  With his arms pinned back, he can't even reach down and adjust his bulging speedo, so he is exposed and humiliated.

Because the Full Nelson leaves the victim's body stretched out and unprotected, many artists feature a third man attacking the vulnerable hero's body.  This WCW comic had Johnny B. Badd and his partner working over a helpless Butch Reed.

I once hired an artist to draw us a Tag Team wrestling comic, and he also featured one Heel applying the Nelson while the other Heel drives a boot into that unprotected gut.  

(You can still purchase the comic if you want to see more of this hot beat-down.

This time, the third man dominates the trapped victim in other ways, violating him and sapping his strength and his will to fight.

The victim is rendered helpless in a Nelson as his horny opponents expose him and give him ample doses of both pain and pleasure.  Excellent drawing, as always, by Bazotter who has a Yahoo Group featuring his masterpieces.

Another masterpiece by Bazotter shows the hunky victim powerless to protect himself as two cheaters manhandle him.  He is exposed, squeezed, and I think even punched in the junk but there is nothing he can do to stop it.
The artist known as Kenobi has a knack for drawing very handsome, almost beautiful wrestlers.  Check out their gorgeous facial expressions as the attacker punishes the hairy-chested stud with a Nelson.

Speaking of beautiful wrestlers, Kenobi features a white hunk punishing an Arab hunk as they wrestle around in matching blue bikinis.  

Dude, if you're still out there, keep up the great work and let us see more of your incredible masterpieces!

Kenobi must love Full Nelsons.  In this drawing, he shows a white stud stretching out his perfect black opponent with the Full Nelson.  Great body, of course, on the victim.  The brother's skimpy blue bikini can barely contain him!

Later the black man takes control with a combined Scissor and Full Nelson.  This is a hold I like to call the Stretcher, and Kenobi seems to like drawing it as much as I like looking at it.

These guys are playing Cowboys and Indians, and this time the Indian is winning.  The blond cowboy is helpless in the savage's Full Nelson

Wow, Kenobi is such an amazing artist.  Here the contrast is between blond hair and dark hair, as two perfect specimens wrestle around naked.
Again the artist treats us to the Stretcher as the blond wraps his long legs around the victim's body and nearly rips his head off his shoulders.  The victim grunts out his submission.

Kenobi has a knack for using just a few simple lines to depict amazingly detailed and beautiful facial expressions.  How does he do that??  Here a cocky stud with a flat-top confidently destroys his exhausted victim whose face is a mask of defeat.

This looks like the same wrestler with the flat-top defeating another stud in his patented Full Nelson.  He seems to enjoy applying this hold, and this handsome victim seems to enjoy being held in it!

Now the hunk with the flat-top finishes off a blond with the Stretcher.  Is he using his leg to inflict added punishment on the blond dude's junk?

The artist gives us a view from above as we see the flat-top hunk stretching this blond out to make him a few inches taller. Their arms are tied up in a knot!
Hercules is no match for this Nubian god as they wrestle naked on the beach and the black secures a Full Nelson on the white.

Hercules is defeated by the Nubian hunk as he collapses to his knees. You can see more images of Hercules and his humiliating beating in Gallery 514.

Now a horny Mike Tyson is getting a wrestling lesson from an excited Tarzan.  The artist depicted the white wrestler winning for once.

This cool drawing by Bazotter depicts two hairy dudes wearing some stretchy briefs in the ring.  Wow, will the victim submit first, or will they both bust right out of their spandex bikinis??

Bazotter shows one wrestler watching from outside the ring as another wrestler takes the victim for a ride in a suspended Full Nelson.  Man, he sure can draw beefy hunks in trunks!

This rookie has had all he can take of the veteran wrestler's Full Nelson.  Their wrestling trunks can't take much more either!  

(Thanks Bazotter, and all the artists, for some great work as always!)