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Barry Windham vs. Bob Bradley

Barry Windham was always fun to watch in the ring, and you could usually count on him to wear some tight little trunks, like this sexy red number.

Barry is wrestling against Bob Bradley, another fan of the hot wrestling trunks.  Bradley is sporting a skimpy pair of tiger-striped briefs.
Wow, who picked out Barry Windham's wrestling gear?  And where can we write in to thank the person??

The tall cowboy applies a nice Arm Bar on the Tarzan wanna-be.  Windham applies the pressure as Bradley squirms around in his too-tight trunks.

Because his nick-name was "The Cat," Bradley loved to wear animal print when he wrestled.  The fans loved it too.

Windham continues to work the hold, tossing his long blond hair around while helpless Bob Bradley sells the pain for the camera and cries out for mercy.

Finally Windham releases the hold and stands over his opponent.  This eager cowboy is ready to inflict more punishment.

Maybe Windham and Bradley were competing on who could stand to wear the smallest, tightest trunks.  I think Windham is the winner.

The camera man is interested in Barry's gear as well.  He can't resist a close-up shot of those red trunks as Barry prepares to lock up with Bradley.

Windhem scoops up his opponent and cracks him down across his thigh, one of my favorite moves from the good old days of Pro Wrestling...

Poor Bradley is hurting, but the blond cowboy doesn't care.  Barry kneels over his beaten boy-toy and flirts with the fans at ringside.

Windham is nowhere near finished torturing this punk.  He yanks the helpless jobber to his feet with a handful of hair.
They lock up again, and Bradley finally asserts himself, pressing the taller man into the corner chest to chest. The jealous ref tells them to break it up.

Instead of a clean break, this cheater begins punching Windham in the face, with the dreaded closed fist.  Hey Ref, that isn't fair!

Bob "The Cat" Bradley brings the rough stuff, hammering the blond boy with fist after fist.  Bradley does not want to be known as Windham's bitch,

A kick to the crotch has Windham wishing he'd worn more protection besides just a red speedo.
Bradley's domination is short-lived.  Suddenly Windham knocks him on his ass with a devastating six foot, six inch, 275 pound Dropkick.

Ouch, I think that huge Dropkick hurt poor Bob Bradley for real.  He clutches his heart and starts thinking about a different career choice.

Bradley must have punched Windham too hard earlier, and now he's suffering Windham's painful revenge.  He crawls over to the ropes to catch his breath.

Ever the show-off, Windham slowly struts around the ring in his tight trunks, letting the fans worship him as he takes his time destroying Bob Bradley.

Crawling around in those animal-print trunks, Bradley looks as bit like Tarzan -- maybe after the Lord of the Jungle has wrestled a few lions and a crocodile and took a poisoned dart from the natives.

The camera-man must have an interest in fashion.  Once again he zooms in on the wrestler's colorful trunks.

Before this stud can even struggle to his feet, Windham struts over to inflict some more punishment.

"Get up pussy, I ain't finished with you yet."

Again Windham grabs his handsome opponent by the hair and forces him to stand up for more abuse.

Windham whips the older man into the ropes, where he's forced to rebound like a basketball.

CRACK!!  Windham meets the running jobber in the middle of the ring, delivering his stunning Lariat.  Back in the 80's, Windham's flying clothesline -- the dreaded "Lariat" -- was sold as one of the most devastating finishing moves in Pro Wrestling.

No man could withstand this big cowboy's stunning Lariat!  Bradley lies helpless and dazed like a submissive puppy begging for a belly rub as Windham easily pins him.

This is a cocky and suggestive pose of domination by the blond stud.  He's kneeling over the fallen man, holding one leg up in the air.  Windham's really pinning him with just a few fingers.

As Windham kneels with his junk over the man's face, the ref counts to three and Windham is the winner.

Raising one arm in victory, Windham takes his time rising to his feet.  Windham was fun to watch as a rookie, taking plenty of rough abuse, but he's even more exciting as a cruel, ruthless bad-ass.

The ref hurries over to raise this stud's arm in victory, and Windham gives him a dirty look, as if he might decide to kick the ref's ass too.

The fans show respect for the tough blond cowboy as his arm is raised in victory.
As Windham exits the ring, the camera zooms in for one last shot of those amazing trunks, this time from the back side.

Here is a cool caricature some artist drew of Barry, striking a masculine pose with his belt over his shoulder.

I colored in the drawing, and re-drew Barry's trunks to be more realistic to what he actually wore in the ring.

You can watch the video of this match by clicking below: