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Gallery 821
Murdoch vs. Emory

Dick Murdoch -- aka "Captain Redneck" -- was a big brutal bad-ass who loved to hurt the cute young jobbers.  Here he is digging his claws into his arch-rival, young Kevin Von Erich's shoulders.

Now rookie Bob Backlund sells the pain as "Dirty Dick" works his fingers into his neck. Judging from his fat body and ruthless tactics, Murdoch clearly doesn't care what the fans think of him, like a true manly-man.
Here is Murdoch squaring off with a gorgeous young athlete named Bob Emory.  Wow, this Emory is ripped, so shouldn't he fare well against chubby Murdoch?

The gimmick behind this match is the earnest, athletic young lion tries his best to compete against the older, out-of-shape veteran who uses plenty of dirty tricks to hurt the poor kid.

The bell rings and young Emory takes control, applying a grinding Side Headlock and whipping the veteran brawler down to the mat.  Can this handsome rookie actually defeat cruel Dick Murdoch?  Will Murdoch make the kid pay later for this early show of domination?

Barely contained by his skimpy blue speedo, Emory flexes his muscles and works the hold, while Murdoch grabs and gropes the hard-body all over.

This stud Emory made a lasting impression on many wrestling fans.  Here is how one wrestling fan describes his earliest vision of Bob Emory:  

There are several nice Bob Emory matches on YouTube, and here is a typical comment:

"You gotta love Emory - big, hot, submissive. You know they all took turns on him in the locker room after filming."

Clearly Emory had many fans, even though he never won a match.

Dirty Dick uses his superior size to escape the Headlock and drag Emory to the ring apron.  Oh no, now what will Captain Redneck do to this poor stud??

CRUNCH!!   Murdoch drives the point of his elbow directly into the young man's throat!  This is illegal in so many ways!  He's trying to de-capitate this young man.

Here is more praise for Bob Emory from YouTube:

"Bob Emory is one of the hottest jobbers in wrestling! He's got the look, body, and knows how to sell, and works so damn well in those short tight blue wrestling trunks in the ring!"

Yet another devastating elbow is driven into Emory's out-stretched neck.  Meanwhile, Emory looks like a cartoon drawing of Tarzan or Superman taking punishment from some villain.

The jobber slithers out to the floor like a slinky that's bouncing down the steps.  Murdoch considers giving the lad a humiliating spanking.

Emory was too cocky earlier, showing off with that Headlock and grinding all over Murdoch.  Now it's pay-back time as the veteran puts the cocky boy in his place with some solid stomps.

Dick Murdoch may not be handsome, and he may not have a perfect gym body to drool over, but he sure gave the fans the brutality and aggression they loved to see. Clearly, the wrestling world needs beefy,  ruthless old bastards just as much as it needs ripped young pretty-boys.

Continuing the punishment outside the ring, Murdoch whips the poor jobber in the blue speedo across the studio, sending him into the interview podium.  (Wow, lookin' good there, Emory!)
CRUNCH!! Emory crashes into the podium, totally smashing it to pieces as his hard body runs full-force into it. The announcers warn Murdoch that he'll have to pay for that.

Call me "Mark", but I'm beginning to wonder if Murdoch is really trying to hurt this young man a little.  This match is starting to look very brutal and very real.

Many wrestling fans grew up feeling frightened or intimidated by the cruel heels, afraid the violence could be taken out on them if they ever met the wrestler in a dark alley.  It was scenes like this by Dick Murdoch that struck fear into the hearts of many young fans, and turned them into wrestling fans for life.

Murdoch picks up a piece of wood from the wreckage and begins clobbering the helpless man without mercy.  Jim Ross watches the violence from a distance, unwilling to raise a finger to rescue this poor hottie.

Dick Murdoch was actually way ahead of his time.  He introduced the wrestling world to the "hard-core" style that became popular during the 1990's, with action outside the ring, use of foreign objects, and plenty of merciless violence and aggression.

Of course the audience expected a "squash job" on cute young Emory.  But this fat bastard has taken the painful humiliation of a handsome stud to a whole new level, driving the kid's face through the furniture at ringside!

The ref tries to convince Murdoch to get back in the ring.  This is absurd, why doesn't he just disqualify this cheater? Murdoch has broken about 20 rules, destroyed property with his opponent's face, then struck the man with a two by four.  Would the NFL allow tactics like this in a football game?  (Hockey maybe, but football - no way!)
The eager young athlete rises to his feet, only to suffer another spine-snapping elbow smash from the fat cheater.  Meanwhile, Murdock is living up to his name of "Dick".

What message is this match sending to the fans:  That strength and conditioning can't win over ruthless aggression?  That even fat old dudes can dominate if they're cruel enough?  That hot guys deserve to suffer?

Murdoch again picks up the two by four to give the fans a treat:  more dirty punishment for the helpless muscle man.  This is a classic example of the fat out-of-shape grappler easily destroying and humiliating some naive stud, which the fans seem to love.

During the 1980's, it became common in pro wrestling to feature jobber studs in tight trunks who could seriously be underwear models, then to show them being broken, punished, and destroyed.

Not sure why the fans got off on the mutilation of perfect hunks, but they never got tired of these one-sided "squashes" on the gorgeous victims.

It's as if the bad guy is punishing the pretty-boy just for looking so damn perfect.  Maybe Emory reminds the fans of the popular dudes and star athletes who bullied them in high school, so now everyone wants to watch the handsome hunk suffering and rendered powerless.

Next Murdock picks up his boy-toy on one shoulder and drives his skull directly into the metal ring post.  Talk about "ringing his bell", but how much more punishment can this young athlete take??

Finally Captain Redneck tosses the helpless man back into the ring for more abuse.  Murdock is so convincing as a heel, I guess because of the no-nonsense way he beats down the competition.

A big slam has Emory squirming around helpless on the mat like the bitch-boy he is.  Murdock stands over him in beefy domination.

Finally the big man lays on his exhausted victim to crush him and cover him.  Is Emory even underneath this big man? -- we can barely see him.

The ref counts to three and  Murdock puts the young hunk out of his misery.  The fans are sold on Murdock's toughness and manly hard-ass attitude.
Not waiting for the ref to raise his arm, Murdock rolls impatiently off his beaten opponent, as if he doesn't even care how badly this poor kid is hurt.  Murdock was the shit!

The big man hitches up his trunks, trying to stretch them so they cover and support his big manly  bulges.  The fans scream at him and jeer him, but Murdock honestly doesn't care.

Clearly the jobber was totally out-classed by this massive killer.  Murdock was one of the best, scariest, and roughest bastards from the classic days of rasslin!

If you want to watch Murdock destroying Emory (and the podium) just click Play...