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Gallery 818
Chris Cronus vs
Mike Hutter

Check out Chris Cronus, one of the biggest, strongest studs in Indy wrestling.  He has ruled the AIW for years thanks to his superior power and massive gym-built strength.

I think "Cronus" takes his name  from Greek mythology.  Cronus was the strongest of the Titans who ruled the universe during the Golden Age.  

Here is how one blogger describes this big stud Cronus:

He’s worked hard to mold his body in muscle-bound shape and as a result reminds me of Lex Lugar as he looked in the late 80s and early 90s."

But there is a new hunk in town, named "The Deviant" Mike Hutter.  This hard-body is just plain ripped, and the ladies (and plenty of the gents) love him.  Cronus, I'm sure, is jealous.  

Just as Zeus eventually over-threw the Titan Cronus and took control of the universe, these two muscle-men are now in a war for domination of the AIW.
At the end of the March 12th show, Cronus came to the ring and called out cocky Mike Hutter.  Cronus suddenly hugged Hutter around the waist and the battle was on.

Check out Cronus in his tight-ass jeans and tall black boots, dominating Hutter at ringside.  Mounting his opponent, you can see Cronus wants to maintain his Alpha Dog position and teach the newbie some manners!

The Titan removes his leather belt, wrapping it around the Deviant's neck to choke him.  I think Cronus enjoys some sadistic play, maybe he should be the one called the "Deviant!"

Cronus wraps his belt around the top rope, trying to hang poor Mike Hutter!  

Check out how Cronus tucked his jeans into his tall black boots to show them off!  There is plenty of leather, denim, and muscle in this battle for even the most hard-core fan!

Back outside the ring, the ripped hunk is man-handled and abused some more.  Cronus slams his face into the ring post.  Ouch, these studs must really hate each other!

Hutter has taken enough humiliating abuse in front of his fans, and he wants some revenge.  He fights back and takes control over Cronus, forcing the Titan to his knees.

The two Greek Gods struggle for domination, embracing each other as their rock-hard torsos press together.   I guess there is a fine line between love and hate.

Damn, that Mike Hutter has a great physique!  Testosterone is boiling over as he flexes his muscles and drags his opponent for a tour around the crowd, past the excited dudes at ringside.

Now it's the Deviant's turn to stand in domination over his suffering victim.  Beaten down to his knees, it looks like Cronus is the one being taught some respect by the better man.

Now Hutter takes a turn at dragging the opponent into the crowd and around the ringside seats while the fans smile with delight.

What is it about two shirtless dudes wrestling and fighting in their jeans that seems to get the crowd worked up?  Why did these two show up tonight without their shirts on, or do they always walk around bare-chested in their jeans to show off their muscles?

Mike Hutter drags his bitch-boy back into the ring by the hair.

I'm not sure why Hutter calls himself the "Deviant", maybe he is trying to tell us something.  Deviant means:

a person who differs markedly (as in intelligence, social adjustment, or sexual behavior) from what is considered normal for a group."

Cronus picks up a chair and tries to slam it into Hutter's skull!  But the Deviant blocks the chair-shot and instead brains Cronus with the chair.


Stunned and helpless, Cronus is at the mercy of this Deviant.  Hutter plants the chair on his victim's body to pin him to the mat.  The bottom bar of the chair is pressed into the helpless man's belly!

After dominating the federation for years, the Titan has finally met his match.  Hutter continues to lower his weight onto the chair, compressing his victim's abdomen and pinning him down.

The Deviant lowers all his weight onto the chair to crush poor Chris Cronus and destroy him.  Hutter sits comfortably on his perch watching his opponent slowly smother.

Picking up a microphone, cocky Mike Hutter begins the trash-talk.  He informs Chris Cronus, and the fans, that he is the new Big Swinging Dick in the AIW.

Finally the humilated Chris Cronus is allowed to get up.  He doubles over to catch his breath, while also sneaking a pair of hand-cuffs out of his pocket.  This is getting interesting now!

At ringside, the Deviant takes some time to hug his sister who has been cheering him to victory.  Meanwhile Cronus slides out under the ropes...


Cronus slaps the cuffs on his hard-body prisoner.  Hutter flexes his ab muscles, but that won't help him escape from hand-cuffs.
Cronus now demonstrates his superior strength, hoisting Hutter across his shoulders like a cowboy hauling his drunk partner home from the saloon.

Actually Cronus is setting up the pretty-boy for his deadly move, the F-5.  This is where he basically picks the guy up across his shoulders, then spikes him down onto his face.

CRUNCH!   Cronus delivers his deadly F-5.  Hutter crashes onto the mat like a shirtless cowboy who has been thrown off of a bucking bronco.  Hutter is finished now!

What the hell is Cronus doing?  He leans over the ropes to cuff Hutter's arms behind his back.  Meanwhile, Hutter's sister is outside the ring, squealing and bitching up a storm.


When was the last time you've seen a hard-body hottie in jeans restrained and helpless on his knees?  (Not counting your S&M porno videos.)  Anything goes at an Indy pro wrestling show, and that's why the fans show up, to catch some scenes like this.

Struggling and twisting in his tight jeans, Mike Hutter is desperate to escape.  But it's no use, he can't remove the hand-cuffs so he is at the mercy of his big cruel opponent.

His sister can't stand watching her poor brother helpless and about to be destroyed.  She rushes into the ring to try to protect him.  (What a stupid bitch!)

Cronus is desperate to strike Hutter with that chair for revenge.  The sister foolishly puts herself in his path.

Instead of clobbering her with the chair, Cronus picks up the sister in the F-5 position.  Trapped in the corner, Hutter screams in angry frustration and horror as his sister is man-handled by Cronus.

"NO! NO!!  NOOOO!!!"

Cronus plants the sister right on her face, spiking her into the mat. Trapped in the corner, forced to watch this brutality, Hutter howls in animal rage.

Cronus taunts his helpless foe, laying on the sister and posing as if he just finished raping her.  I'm sure Hutter will demand a re-match after this degrading beat-down! (If they can find the key to unlock him...)

Sure enough at the May 20th show, the Deviant demanded a rematch against big Cronus.  He is pissed and he wants revenge for what happened to his poor sister.  He even wore all black gear tonight to show he means business.

Not even waiting for the bell, the Deviant explodes on Cronus, who also wore black trunks and boots.  Hutter is in a rage, trying to beat the larger man into submission.

Wow, I'd say Hutter has been hitting the weights to prepare for this show-down.  He is looking huge and ripped as he whips a frightened Cronus across the ring.

The Deviant rolls up his opponent for an early pin, but Cronus kicks out.  It's a nice position while it lasts though!  Cronus scurries out of the ring to slow down the pace.

You will believe a man can fly!

Mike Hutter leaps over the ropes like a super-hero and sails down on his opponent to knock him on his ass onto the floor.

The battle rages out on the floor as the two men in black struggle for domination.  Everyone knows they're the hottest two studs in the arena.

Hutter tries to use a chair as a weapon just like last time.  But the ref is all like, no way dude, that is totally not fair!

The two studs return to the ring to settle the score, and Hutter surprises the big Titan with his raw power.  He scoops Cronus up by the crotch and spikes him like a football.

Hutter again leaps off the ropes to crush the competition.  (Damn, check out his hard body again!)   However Cronus raises his knees and just waits for the pretty-boy to crash down on those hard shins.

Now in control, Cronus executes a picture-perfect Suplex, driving the Deviant's lower back into the canvas. OOOFFF!! Now it's time for Hutter to take some punishment, and the fans are just aching to see him suffer.

Some elbows to the mush have Hutter wishing he wasn't so darn pretty, so his jealous opponents wouldn't constantly attack his cute face.

Poor Hutter is whipped into the corner buckles, his nearly naked body having little protection.  The fans get a good look at just how ripped this hunk has become lately.

Cronus inverts his opponent, hanging his hard body on the corner ropes like a side of beef.  He drives some stiff knees into Hutter's handsome face, continuing his assault on the Deviant's good looks.
Helpless in the "Tree of Woe", Hutter must endure all the punching and kicking Cronus feels like delivering to that hard body.  The ref tries to stop this illegal assault, but Cronus just ignores him.

Finally out of the Tree of Woe, Hutter still can't rise to his feet.  Cronus repeatedly stomps on his mid-section with those great boots.  He's trying to soften up Hutters' twisted-steel stomach.

It may be all over for poor Hutter, now that the big man has raised him into position for the dreaded F-5.

Here is how Wikipedia defines the "F-5" move:

Described as a fireman's carry facebuster, this move was named and made popular by Brock Lesnar. The move sees the attacking wrestler put an opponent up in a fireman's carry — across the wrestler's shoulders — then throw the opponent's legs out in front of him/her to spin them out while the attacker simultaneously falls backwards, driving the opponent's head into the mat. The move's name was taken from the Fujita scale, which ranks the intensity of tornados, with F-5 being the strongest.

But Mike Hutter is a little tougher than his sister.  He struggles and kicks until he breaks free to avoid the deadly F-5.

YOINK!   Now the Deviant clutches big Cronus around the neck and applies a tight Dragon Sleeper and the tables are turned!  

(Wow, Cronus looks great from this angle.  He should ask every opponent to Dragon Sleeper him.)

Hutter flexes his hard muscles, using every ounce of strength to crush Cronus.  I guess that's what happens if you hand-cuff a guy and then F-5 his sister into the middle of next week!
They fall to the mat, and the Deviant wraps his legs around the victim's mid-section, pinching him between his knees to further smother him.  Hutter pours all of his anger into the hold, smashing Cronus like a grape in a press.

His boots locked tightly together, Mike Hutter uses every muscle in his body to crush and stretch the helpless Chris Cronus.  The ref watches for a submission.
At this point, you can't even see the head of Chris Cronus.  Did Hutter go into a 'roid rage' and totally rip the man's head off his neck??   The ref quickly calls for the bell and the Deviant Mike Hutter is the winner.

Standing in victory, Hutter proves he is the new dominant hard-body in the AIW.  He also proves you can still find great looking studs and exciting drama in your neighborhood Indy wrestling leagues.