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Gallery 811
Eddie Atlas
(AKA Eddie Craven)

Have you seen this young Indy stud in action yet?  He is Eddie Atlas, AKA Eddie Craven.  He may not look like much in his South Beach t-shirt, but wait until you see him with his trunks pulled down around his thighs!

You see, this stud's trade-mark move is to have his opponent yank his speedo down and expose his bare assets.  He must be very proud of what he has, because he shows it off in nearly every match.

Here comes Eddie in his wife-beater t-shirt, which he will strip off very soon.  By the way, thanks William, for these and the other great pics you sent, these are winners!

Eddie  strips down to his skin-tight blue speedo and immediately begins suffering in his large opponent's grinding Headlock.

Eddie continues to sell the pain, like David taking punishment from some big ugly Goliath.

Is Eddie wearing wrestling trunks, or is that a pair of blue bikini briefs?  No wonder his bare ass is often exposed if this is what he wears in the ring!

Soon Eddie gains control by choking the big brute with his flexed bicep.  When the ref asks the stud about it, he plays innocent.

Eddie shows off his rasslin' skills, gritting his teeth as he tries to rip off the brute's leg with this cool Single-Leg Crab.  This talent, and his studly looks, have earned him a few jobs in the WWE.

Next he has the big killer purring like a kitten in his Camel Clutch variation.  Check out the huge arms on handsome Eddie.

Are you kidding me??  He's trying to bite the big man's ear off!!  This stud will do anything to win -- my kind of pro wrestler!

Eddie soars off the mat like Superman, but the big brute rolls out of the way, allowing the hunk to crash onto the mat instead of onto his big soft body.

Some wrestlers wear a thong or bikini briefs under their wrestling trunks, some don't wear anything.  I think Eddie Atlas is the latter.

Eddie and the big dude continue to battle back and forth, I'm not even sure who wins.  The fans who like to watch beefcake in skimpy trunks are the real winners!
Here is Eddie all greased up for another match.  He went a bit heavy on the body oil, probably to make it easier for those thin trunks to be yanked down.

His opponent is another big killer, this time wearing a black t-shirt, which makes Eddie look even more exposed and vulnerable by comparison.

The big man leaps over Eddie's back, grabs his thighs, and tries to roll him down for a pin, but Eddie resists being rolled up.
YOINK!  There is more than one way to skin a cat.  He uses Eddie's trunks for leverage, giving the excited fans a free peek.

Eddie takes the battle outside the ring, punishing the big dude on the fence.  This is revenge for pulling down his trunks and humiliating him earlier.

Back in the ring, Eddie tries to rip him in two with this great Ab Stretch.  Is that cheater grabbing the ropes for leverage?

Time to take out the trash.  Eddie throws the big man around like last week's hefty bag...

...and drives him into the canvas to finish him off.

Eddie Atlas is the winner, as he again holds the belt at his side.  Maybe if he'd wear the belt instead of just holding it, his trunks would stop falling down!
Here is another opponent pulling down Eddie's speedo to gain leverage.  At least Eddie wore a black thong under his trunks for this match.

Again Eddie is stripped by his opponent, his perfect alabaster ass exposed.  Many fans seem to really obsess over seeing one wrestler tearing down the other man's trunks, I guess because of the erotic overtones.  Scenes like this are burned vividly in their memory for the rest of their days.

The stud decided to keep on wrestling with his speedo pulled down under his hard ass.   If you enjoy seeing wrestlers exposed, there is a whole Yahoo Group dedicated to it.  Don't be shy, there are already over 1,000 members into the same thing.

Actually several wrestlers have used the old "Oops, my trunks are down!" gimmick:  Rick Rude, Buff Bagwell, Shawn Michaels to name a few.  The Von Erich lads sometimes gave their fans a thrill too.  They all have one thing in common, a great body that the fans don't mind seeing exposed.

Atlas is basically wrestling nude at this point.  This is the kind of action, which you can't see on television, that draws fans to the hot, almost under-ground Indy matches where just about anything goes, and the wrestlers go the extra mile to delight their fans.

Yet another opponent, this one with "BJ" on his trunks, grips Eddie's blue speedo and yanks it down over his hips.

Oh no, now BJ whips out a cane and starts spanking poor Eddie's bare behind.  It's like Eddie was naughty and needs to be punished by his daddy!
Eddie's next match is against his arch-rival, "Main Event" Mike Foxx.  He is another hard-body Indy wrestler from Texas who has had some WWE try-outs as well.

Nice pose!  This Mike Foxx really is a fox!  (For you young punks who weren't around in the 70's, that means he is a total stud.)

Eddie Atlas and Mike Foxx were actually once best friends, the hottest two studs in the federation.  But jealousy and competition soon had these Alpha Males fighting for domination and tearing down each other's trunks.

The match begins and Atlas quickly shows off his strength, gripping Foxx by the crotch and power-slamming his spine into the mat.

Eddie mounts his victim's back in a very suggestive position and tries to dislocate his head.  The ref seems to be enjoying Mike's suffering as he kneels down for a closer look.

Ouch, check out the hand-prints Eddie left all over Foxx's chest.  He must have delivered some Ric Flair-style chest slaps earlier.

Eddie often uses this powerful Camel Clutch variation to torture his opponents.  He must know it gives many fans a raging boner to watch long-held holds like this.

GRRR.  Foxx struggles to escape as Eddie continues to ride him around the ring like a donkey.   Nice boots, Eddie!

Mike Foxx tosses his opponent out of the ring, then follows him onto the floor, punishing Atlas at ringside.  The fans in the front row love it when the action is almost in their laps!

Outside the ring, Foxx chops Eddie a few times in the chest, then drives his face into the metal railing.  Did you notice they both look amazing in their trunks and boots?

Back in the ring, Eddie mounts the turn-buckles for a high risk move. Mike Foxx rushes over to stop him by yanking down his speedo.  Here we go!

Eddie struggles to gain his balance on the corner pads, apparently not concerned that his crack is on display. Is Foxx going to attack that?  

Whoa, what is Foxx doing here??  He rushes over and inserts his head between Eddie's thighs to slam him onto the canvas.   Wow!

Talk about a high-risk move, Foxx is really taking a chance here!  Atlas could pop out and slap him in the face at any moment!

Eddie is dazed and helpless after being driven into the mat.  He doesn't even have the strength to reach down and pull up his trunks, so his money-maker is on display for several minutes.

Eddie's slutty valet screams at the ref to do something about this disgraceful wardrobe malfunction.  Shut up, bitch!

After pulling his trunks up part way, the battle rages on.  Does Eddie realize he is still barely covered?

Soon Mike Foxx is on his knees before the dominant stud.  

If I didn't know any better, I'd swear Atlas is deliberately wrestling with his trunks pushed down like a bikini to generate some fan heat!

The two hunks continue to battle, their skimpy gear barely able to contain their powerful bodies.

Again Foxx takes the fight outside the ring, totally man-handling the stud in the blue briefs.  He embraces Eddie and drives his lower back into the ring apron.  OW!

They roll around on the floor for a while, grappling and groping, until the ref finally calls for the bell.  This is a double count-out.

Eddie is hot now, eager to get a piece of Mike Foxx.  A security guard pushes on Eddie's muscular chest to calm down the raging beast.

Mike Foxx wisely runs away from this raging muscle-stud.  Don't worry, they will settle this in a future bout, or possibly 10 or 12 future bouts as their rivalry and hatred unfolds.
A closer look at that developed chest shows that Foxx left some hand-prints and battle scars on Eddie's flesh as well.